Greetings Fall 2019 attendees! Just 6 days to go! From now until the LAN we will be sharing important information via these countdown posts. At PDXLAN this fall the staff will be overhauling the way the main raffle works to make it a faster process. Our goal is to make the main live raffle less than 45 min. Here’s how it will work: On Sunday at 1pm the staff will post a raffle signup URL. This link will only be live for 30 minutes. (1:00pm to 1:30pm) When you visit this URL you will be asked for some information to verify who you are, and then you will sign up for the raffle.  One of your 2 raffle tickets will go in the “Pre-Raffle bucket” and one will go in the “Live Raffle Bucket”.  About 1:45pm the staff will begin posting names of winners, and what they have won to the #Announcements channel on the PDXLAN Discord server. Attendees will need to pay attention to see if they’ve won something, and claim what they have won at the raffle desk within 3 minutes of the post. After claiming a prize, take a photo like normal.

At 3pm we will have the “live raffle” which will consist of all items not claimed AND those high ticket items you all are drooling over. We’ll be drawing these from a bucket like normal. Seating in front of the stage will not be allowed until the Pre-Raffle is completed. This should expedite prize claims. We’ll see you in 6 days!