Greetings PDXLAN attendees! Just 8 days to go! From now until the LAN we will be sharing important information via these countdown posts. This PDXLAN we will be attempting to raise $30,000 for charity. For every $10 that an attendee gives, that attendee will receive 1 charity raffle ticket. With those charity raffle tickets attendees can choose what items they’d like a chance at winning from the charity raffle. Do you need a new computer from AMD? Would you like a processor from Intel? How about a GPU upgrade from NVIDIA? A new NVMe drive from Western Digital? The more you give, the more tickets you earn. The more tickets you earn, the more you can stack your odds at winning the items you want. All charity donations are online only, and charity raffle tickets are claimed on just Saturday of the LAN between 11AM and 7PM at the Charity Desk / Help Desk. Charity information and how to donate is here. See you in 8 Days!