• PDXLAN Spring 2019 Pre-Registration

    PDXLAN Spring 2019 Pre-Registration

    Want to get right into PDXLAN when it opens at 6PM? PDXLAN Spring 2019's lobby will be open at 5PM Thursday March 21st for Pre-Registration.  This is 1 hour before the event opens at 6PM. Attendees may claim their badge and parking pass anytime after this, all weekend long.

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  • Last chance to order the PDXLAN Challenge coin!

    Last chance to order the PDXLAN Challenge coin!

    PDXLAN is selling PDXLAN Spring 2019 Rawr Coins. This coin is 1.5" round and has a heft weight to it. This first special edition coin features the PDXLAN Staff mascot - the RAWR dinosaur. Coins are just $10 and orders must be placed online by Feb 20th! You can order on our website, PDXLAN.net - under the Swag Store menu.

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  • PDXLAN Parking Tickets

    PDXLAN Parking Tickets

    Hey all - we know that last event there wasn't anyone patrolling for parking passes. We have been told that for this next event they will have people randomly checking that cars in the lot have parking passes. Cars without passes run the risk of being towed. Please be sure to buy your 4 day pass when you arrive.

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  • PDXLAN Spring 2019 is Sold Out. 850/850

    PDXLAN Spring 2019 is Sold Out. 850/850

    Tickets for PDXLAN's Spring 2019 are now sold out on LanReg. If you would still like to attend, you will need to buy tickets from people in the PDXLAN Forums. There are seats available together, and there are tickets available for less than full price. Remember, all seats must be transferred before March 13th in order to not incur a transfer charge. To buy tickets in the forums head to: http://pdxlan.net/discussion/viewforum.php?f=41

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  • Please verify your tickets for PDXLAN Spring 2019

    Please verify your tickets for PDXLAN Spring 2019

    PDXLAN would like to remind everyone to verify that their tickets are correct by having the name/handle/email of the person actually sitting in the seat. How do you know if your seat is correct? Simply go to LAN Reg and scroll to the bottom where all the names are. Find yours. If your ticket has a ( x ) after it - with x being a number, then at least 1 ticket is not correct. PDXLAN is in the planning stages of an event-wide email, so please make sure this is done ASAP. For information on how to fix this please go to: http://www.pdxlan.net/LAN/verify-your-tickets-are-correct/ For help, you can ask in the forums, facebook, or Discord. Reminder: ticket transfers at the door are $25.

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  • PDXLAN Setup Volunteers needed

    PDXLAN Setup Volunteers needed

    Greetings! PDXLAN is seeking 12-15 volunteers to help set up the event by running network cords and placing sponsor banners & lighting. If you are interested in this, please use the form linked below to let us know. Setup will be Wednesday, March 20th at 1PM. Thank you! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScRlye_XBTz1PrkPSKuQ2hQdAlLs1OmDvuDne53al3lsSqg7g/viewform

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  • Reminder: PDXLAN S19 opening 48 tickets this evening (Jan 16) at 8PM

    Reminder: PDXLAN S19 opening 48 tickets this evening (Jan 16) at 8PM

    This is a reminder that PDXLAN will be opening 48 more tickets to the sold out Spring 2019 event this evening, Jan 16th at 8PM. Tickets will go live "about" 8PM Pacific via LanReg.

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  • PDXLAN Seeking three new staff members

    PDXLAN Seeking three new staff members

    When an event has gone smoothly, and without incident - it means the staff worked very hard to make it that way. Staff are often underappreciated, over worked, and unseen. It is because of their love of being a part of something larger, and part of a unique group that they continue to give themselves. PDXLAN staff are no exception. PDXLAN Staff are willing to give much of themselves to see the attendees have a good time. They are willing to be a part of a larger plan and willing to be an important cog in the machine. PDXLAN is looking for three new staff members as it grows the event towards 1,000 attendees. Not all staff need technical skills. - PDXLAN

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  • Spring Event to add 48 additional seats on Jan 16th

    Spring Event to add 48 additional seats on Jan 16th

    PDXLAN will be adding 48 additional seats to the Spring 2019 event on January 16th at 8pm. Cost for these seats will be the same as the previous 800 seats, and these seats will be no different than the original 800. These seats will be on a first come, first served basis via LAN Reg. PDXLAN Spring 2019 is now an 850 person event. Layout of the additional seats attached (read more).

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  • Spring 2019 Hotel Information

    Spring 2019 Hotel Information

    PDXLAN has set up a group block at the Holiday Inn Express in Salmon Creek for the Spring 2019 event. You can call to make reservations at (360) 576-1040 and tell them you are with the PDXLAN group, or book online with the group code "PDX". Remember, the LAN is a Thursday night - Sunday event, so book accordingly. (Check in March 21st, Check out March 24th). All rooms include a breakfast for up to 2 people per room. Please note that this is not the absolute cheapest hotel, as there are other options nearby. Just google "Salmon Creek Washington hotels" for more options. As a note: We've heard somewhat positive attendee feedback on La Quinta, and Quality Inn, and very

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