In an effort to set expectations prior to the event, PDXLAN requires parents of children 17 and under to request approval for their minor to attend the PDXLAN BYOC prior to purchasing a ticket. Please read the below and use the form below to contact PDXLAN about bringing your minor. Day pass ticket holders do not require prior approval.

Parents are expected to actively supervise their minors. This means making sure they aren’t bothering anyone, including the staff.

Examples include:

  • Staring over a person’s shoulder for a long time
  • Touching other people’s belongings or computer
  • Playing in the Monster bin, throwing ice, etc.
  • Running / or running into people carrying equipment
  • Not following instructions given by PDXLAN Staff

PDXLAN is not designed to be a children’s event. It is a PG-13 sort of environment. PDXLAN organizers try hard to make sure it is a positive environment free from harassment and overly crude behaviors. However, parents need to be aware that there will be some adult language and some adult content games (adult in terms of ratings for language, violence and adult themes) being played that their kids may have exposure too. It also means that there will be people smoking outside the event and as long as they are within the legal requirements for distance from the doors, this is allowed. 

Acceptable Chaperone examples:

  • Mother / Father
  • Step Mother / Step Father
  • Close family friend over 30 years old (With written guardianship in case of emergency)
  • Brother / Sister 18 or older

Children 12 & under must be actively supervised at all times. (Guardian must be with at all times)

If you agree to the above, then please contact us using the form below. Most of the time when children come with their parents it has been fine, but there have been a few complaints that suggest maybe some parents do not realize some of the above. PDXLAN supports parents engaging in activities with their kids and having fun as a family, but wants to ensure that there is full disclosure and clear expectations prior to the event.

Contact Form

  • Please allow 3-5 seconds after hitting submit. Once the page refreshes, an email has been seen to the PDXLAN registration team and your minor is registered.