PDXLAN Fall 2019 will have NEW spots for streamers & content creators! Each spot will be a mini booth (yes, your personal mini booth!) and will be 9 feet wide, 6 feet deep with a 6′ table and 10amps of dedicated power with dual ethernet ports. These very elite seats will face the PDXLAN room in such a way that any lighting they do will shine on the streamer and on the back wall, not in attendees eyes. Streamers and content creators will be hosted by the official PDXLAN Twitch channel on a scheduled basis, as well as advertised via our social media on Twitter, Facebook, and Discord.  Costs for these seats will be $215. Why the new seats? We’ve always wanted to add a section for streamers and content creators, but we were aware that some gamers don’t like the big lights near them. We’ve also been aware that a normal seat doesn’t provide enough space for such a setup, so we wanted to pilot this program for Spring 2020, with a possible expansion at the 1,000 person event. A Question and Answer Area can be found on the website where this is posted.