The pandemic has reached a level of impact rarely seen each century. As such, PDXLAN has been put on hold until conditions improve. Legally, events of our size are not allowed to happen currently, so PDXLAN will have it’s next event when conditions improve in Clark County, Washington. 


Attendee Tickets:

Rest easy, we will be holding a next event, the question is just “When?” – and that answer is out of our control. Currently anyone who has a ticket to PDXLAN “Next” has a ticket for the FIRST event after the Pandemic is over.


PDXLAN Announcements:

Currently, the best place for announcements is the “Announcements Channel” on our PDXLAN Discord server. We suggest you subscribe to that channel and enable notifications.


PDXLAN Staffing:

Currently PDXLAN’s sole employee is working at another job, and because of that you will not see updates often, and things may take longer than normal to get done. You can reach out to the staff on our Discord Server in the “Event Questions” channel if you have an immediate question.

We’re in this together:

We look forward to hosting our next event once this is all over. We miss seeing you all, we miss the laughter, and we miss the fun only a PDXLAN brings. Stay safe out there, and we WILL see you again!