• PDXLAN Spring 2019 officially breaks attendance record.

    PDXLAN Spring 2019 officially breaks attendance record.

    In 2003 PDXLAN began with it's first 500 person LAN Party. In 2005 PDXLAN tried the Portland Expo Center and grew to 837 total seats sold. Now, 14 long years later in 2019 PDXLAN has broken it's all time attendance record for a single event, with 843 tickets sold so far for this Springs event - making PDXLAN easily the largest LAN Party on the United States West Coast. To some this may not be a moment worth "writing home" about, but for those of us here at PDXLAN it represents a growth step for us. We'd like to thank each attendee at PDXLAN S'19 for buying a ticket. We view each ticket sold as a 'vote of confidence' in our

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  • PDXLAN issues 100 special coins

    PDXLAN issues 100 special coins

    In 2018 PDXLAN celebrated it's 15 year anniversary. Over the years PDXLAN has hosted 50+ events, raised more than $500,000 in charity donations, and become a community that outshines any other gaming community on the planet when it comes to respect, inclusion, and generosity. PDXLAN didn't get where it is without the help of key individuals who either championed PDXLAN to their co-workers, thought of PDXLAN attendees first, or made sure PDXLAN was an event that was supported no matter what. These people are key route markers along the path to where PDXLAN is today. These people are who I credit as being influential to where we are today. These people are coins 1-60. Coins 61-99 are being given to

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  • New PDXLAN Forums live!

    New PDXLAN Forums live!

    Did you know PDXLAN has an entire community still using forums? In fact it is one of the best places to get involved with the PDXLAN community. Forums include information about events, game discussion, mod project logs, and an entire marketplace for used and new computer hardware. Since 2005 PDXLAN has been using the same forums and they've gotten a little antiquated.... until now! We've now got new forums that are mobile friendly, packed with new features, and a direct way to interact with the PDXLAN Staff. Come check them out at www.pdxlan.net/discussion and join the community! 

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  • Totally Accurate Battlegrounds. Totally free for the first 100 hours!

    Totally Accurate Battlegrounds. Totally free for the first 100 hours!

    A PDXLAN attendee called this game to our attention via the Facebook discussion group, and it looks like it could be a very fun late night game at PDXLAN 32. The game is currently free if you get it in the first 100 hours. We hope to fire this game up on the main screen during PDXLAN 32 - and hope many of you join us. Totally Accurate Battlegrounds is a last-weirdo-standing battle royale game! Totally Accurate Battlegrounds was originally made as an April Fools' parody of the Battle Royal genre and the game Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. Jump onto an island from flying trucks, find a gun and survive and look silly while doing it, find and eliminate all your

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  • Mercy breast cancer support skin

    Mercy breast cancer support skin

    Last year PDXLAN raised over $35,000 for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, so when we learned that Blizzard is now partnering with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to put out a new Overwatch skin, we were all for it! The Pink Mercy promotion offers in-game cosmetics, themed around Overwatch’s most intrepid medical specialist. Also, be sure to check out the limited time Mercy shirt that Blizzard is producing for this!  More news about the Mercy promo here and you can buy the in-game skin here. Huge props to Blizzard for doing this!

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  • PDXLAN launches new website

    PDXLAN launches new website

    Greetings everyone! We've made some major changes that will effect everyone, so give this post some attention. We wanted to let you know that PDXLAN is now in the midst of transitioning websites. We've made changes to the way PDXLAN will announce news moving forward. All news will now be published to pdxlan.net/LAN, and then a bunch of rabid applications take over and post all posts here on PDXLAN's Facebook page, PDXLAN's twitter account, and also in the #announcements channel in our discord server. Our goal was to disseminate news across multiple mediums, keep a news repository here on the website, and give attendees more options than just Facebook. Admittedly, Facebook has been a horrible crutch to effective communication with

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