Summer Classic Schedule

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Battlefield 4 Squad 4v4v4v4 Deathmatch:

Battle against 3 other teams of 4 for the win! Winners will progress to next round, which will repeat until there is just one team of 4.


Admin: BizSar & Yeti [ Rules ] [Signups] [ Top of page ]

Battlefield 4 Knives Only Contest:

Come play a game of Battlefield 4 where the only kills that matter are knife kills. Using anything but a knife and the server will kick you automatically. This means vehicle, gun, grenade, artillery kills are all auto-kick kills.

Prizes for this contest:

1 random person in the contest will win an Intel 9700k

Admin: BizSar & TheManRaptor [ Admin Notes if any ] [ Top of page ]

Battlefield 4 Staff Challenge:

In this contest the staff will choose a random VIP on their team. The first person to kill that staff VIP with a knife wins. One more thing…. the staff get guns and the attacking forces only get knives. This contest will be run three times in one day with a prize to the VIP killer each time.


Admin: BizSar & Vector  [ Admin Notes if any ] [ Top of page ]

Case Mod Contest:

To enter this contest attendees will need to sign up at the link below by Aug 22nd. Contestants will be asked to create a photo journal, work log, and a short 3 min or less video introduction to the mod.

On August 22nd, 2020 judges will begin visiting your work log, photo journal, and video introduction of the Case Mod. Being that this is a virtual contest, your ability to to show the mod professionally in pictures and video will be very important.

Submission Form

Prizes for this contest:

1st Place: GEFORCE RTX 2080 Ti with EK Waterblock
2nd Place: GEFORCE RTX 2070 with EK Waterblock

Admin: Vector, CreativeWan, and NVIDIA  [ Admin Notes if any ] [ Top of page ]

DOTA 2 3v3 Tournament:

No event details announced yet. Please check back soon.


Admin: Juicey [ Admin Notes if any ] [ Top of page ]

Factorio Staff Challenge:

In this Factorio Staff Challenge contestants will attempt to kill a certain staff member who is in a tank. The contestant getting the kill on the staff member will win the contest. Contestants will have access to chests in the area with RPG’s, guns, and explosives. Think of the tank as a pinata with a soft center. Break the tank, kill the squishy person inside. Simple right? We will run this contest 3 times!


Admin: MarsBar & Vector [ Admin Notes if any ] [ Top of page ]

Gang Beasts Free For All Tournament:

Battle in this FFA tournament with your friends!


Admin: teh0mega & Juicey [ Admin Notes if any ] [ Top of page ]

Golf With Your Friends Tournament:

Think you have what it takes to be the PDXLAN Golf Pro? Come play in the Golf with your Friends tournament that will start off easy, and progressively get harder. We heard the final rounds may include things like low gravity or random shapes. This will be a staged competition where multiple games will be used to boil off to the final 8 player match.

Prizes for this tournament:

1st: A choice of a EVGA X299 FTW motherboard or a EVGA RTX 2060
2nd: The other prize available
Random Participant: Win an EVGA 750W power supply

Admin: Juicey & Vector [ Admin Notes if any ] [ Top of page ]

GTA V Tournament:

Admin: Payback, BizSar and Maloch [ Admin Notes if any ] [ Top of page ]

Half Life 2 Deathmatch:

Admin: BizSar & Vector [ Admin Notes if any ] [ Top of page ]

Jackbox Games Contest:

Admin: Dink & TheManRaptor [ Admin Notes if any ] [ Top of page ]

Magic The Gathering

About 4 weeks ago an attendee reached out to us with the idea of him and his friends running a weekly Magic event. From the attendee running the event:

“Tourney will be done in Magic Arena, I’ll need their arena name and #number for them to sign up. I’ll be running match pairings on Challonge and also posting them in Discord. Its a Swiss pairings tourney like a normal FNM with hopefully three rounds. Prizing for top 3 each week. Can either be the product from or in equivalent credit for that store. Unfortunately there is no way to gift product for arena itself that I’ve found. First Friday is best of 1 standard. Then best of 3 standard. Then best of 1 brawl. Then best of 3 historic.”

Questions? Please message Hewantana#1534 in the PDXLAN Discord Server, or visit the #fri-night-magic text channel in the Summer Classic section.

Admin: Hewantana [Contact Admin in Discord for Info] [ Top of page ] 

Main Raffle:

All attendees of the PDXLAN Summer Classic will be given 1 entry to the main raffle at the end of the virtual event. The virtual raffle will take place live on either Discord or Twitch. Attendees will have 48 hours to claim prizes by filling out a prize claim form online, and do not need to be present to win. Prizes can then be picked up at one of 5 prize drop meets at the PDXLAN Office in Tigard, Oregon.

Prizes can not be shipped by PDXLAN, but you may work out an agreement for someone local to Portland to pick up winnings and ship them to you.  The TL;DR on shipping: It’s expensive, and each state has different laws regarding raffle prizes, therefore all prizes will be awarded in person in the State of Oregon.

Any prizes not claimed will automatically be put into the next PDXLAN’s raffle.

Prize Claim Form (Not Yet Live)

Admin: Vector, Demented, Payback, Marsbar, Pietzaahh [ Admin notes if any ] [ Top of page ]

Minecraft: King of the Hill Contest:

Admin: Payback, Maloch [ Admin Notes: Minecraft Java edition ] [ Top of page ]

Minecraft Obstacle Course:

Our Minecraft staff members are cooking up a brand new Minecraft Challenge for attendees! The Minecraft Obstacle Course will have each player in their own ‘lane’ with the same exact challenges and blocks. The first player to the end of their obstacle course wins. Players can expect things like doors that require certain items to unlock, traps, angry mobs, and of course lots of lava. Lava makes it all better.


Admin: Payback, Maloch, and Vector [ Admin Notes: Minecraft Java edition ] [ Top of page ]

Minecraft: Staff Hunt Contest: (CONTEST CONCLUDED)

Participants will hunt down the named staff member. First to kill that staff member wins! This contest will be run two times.


Admin: Payback & Maloch [ Admin Notes: Minecraft Java edition ] [ Top of page ]

Moments Contest:

For each contest or tournament you play in, submit video highlights of epic kills, win streaks, or momentous times during your match.

We will be compiling the best moments into a video highlight reel! Please note that PUG Thursdays are not included in this contest.

Submission Form

Prizes for this contest:


Admin: Vector, Omega, Aractor, and Dink [ Top of page ]

Overwatch Free For All Tournament:

Come compete for the most kills, the most glory in PDXLAN’s Overwatch FFA tournament!


Admin: Yeti & TBA [ Signups ] [ Top of page ]

Overwatch 6v6 Tournament:

Grab your team of six and prepare for the Overwatch tournament!

Admin: Yeti & TBA  [ Admin Notes if any ] [ Top of page ]

PUBG Free For All Tournament:

Admin: TheManRaptor & Dink [ Signup Form ] [ Tournament Rules ] [ Top of page ]

Rocket League Tournament:

This Rocket League Tournament will be a 3v3 based tournament. Get your teams ready, more details to come.

Prizes for this tournament:

Prizes by AMD

1st: AMD RX 460 OEM

Random Team: AMD RX 460 OEM

Admin: Juicey & Dink [ Admin Notes if any ] [ Top of page ]

StarCraft 2: 1 vs 1 Tournament:

Destroy your enemies before the destroy you!

Admin: Vector [ Signup Link ] [ Tournament Rules ] [ Top of page ]

Team Fortress 2: Dodge ball Contest:

Admin: Dink & MarsBar [ Admin Notes if any ] [ Top of page ]

Team Fortress 2: Prop Hunt Tournament:

Admin: BizSar & Dink [ Admin Notes if any ] [ Top of page ]

Trackmania Tournament:

Admin: Juicey & Vector [ Admin Notes: TrackMania Nations Forever] [ Top of page ]

Unreal Tournament 2004 1v1 Tournament:

1 vs 1 Death-match tournament with a first round boil off / seed round.

Prizes for this tournament are:

1st: A full AMD mid Range System
Random Participant: Win an AMD OEM RX 570

Admin: WookieeGT & Vector [ Admin Notes if any ] [ Top of page ]

Unreal Tournament 2004 Instagib Contest:

300 Kill Free For All – Most kills in 90 minutes (If 300 is not met)


Admin: WookieeGT & Vector [ Admin Notes if any ] [ Top of page ]


Valorant 5 vs. 5 Tournament:

Over $10,000 in prizes sponsored by NVIDIA!!!!


Admin: Yeti  [Admin Notes] [ Signup Link ] [ Top of page ]


World of Warcraft Decathlon:

The World of Warcraft Decathlon is an event with 10 mini-events inside World of Warcraft. This contest will be run over the entire duration of the 14 week Summer Classic. Contestants will need to create a *new* Alliance character on the server “Sen’Jin” with the naming scheme mentioned at the first Decathlon meeting. A percentage of this contests score will come from leveling a character to 120, while a more significant percentage will come from competing in contests in the game.

Prizes for this contest are:

1st: EVGA RTX 2060 + 1 Year Subscription to World of Warcraft
2nd: 1 Year Subscription to World of Warcraft
Random Participant in all contests: 1 Year Subscription to World of Warcraft

Admin: Vector & Demented [ Admin Notes ] [ Top of page ]