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Can I give my Spot / seat to someone else?

Yes, you can transfer your ticket to another registered attendee anytime prior to one week before the event. The transfer system closes 1 week prior to the event. 

Please note: this is a FIRM cutoff due to badge printing.

When I choose a seat, is that selection final?

Once you pick your seat, your seat is confirmed - no one may steal that seat from you. That is the advantage to paying early!

Keep in mind that if you wish to select another seat you can. Your original seat will then become empty immediately.

In very rare circumstances your seat may be moved. We will attempt to contact you at your published email ONE time letting you know. This rarely happens, but in order to fully comply with ADA (American Disabilities Act) we may have to move someone so that a wheelchair has easier access. The last reason we may move you is if we are changing the event layout. In this case we would also contact you at the email attached to your seat.

Can I get a refund?

We are sorry to hear that you can't make it. 

Unfortunately we do not give refunds on purchased tickets. While PDXLAN does not issue refunds we do provide the means for you to sell and transfer your ticket to someone else. Please see "Can I transfer my ticket" for more information. 

How much does the event cost?

PDXLAN runs multiple event types so we can't answer that question because we don't know which event you are inquiring about. 

You can best find that answer by selecting the event you are interested in from our registration system here. From there just select the specific event you are interested in and look for which seats are available. 

Is there a way to purchase tickets for a group?

Yes! PDXLAN uses a custom coded LAN Registration system that allows you to buy multiple seats for yourself, or you and your friends. Just remember to enter the information for each ticket for the REAL person occupying that ticket. You'll have problems at registration if all your groups seats are under your name. 

What types of identification are accepted at the event during badge pickup?

Any legal/state issued ID card with your picture should be acceptable for picking up your badge at the event.

Where can I find the waiver that I must sign before entering an event?

The waiver is provided to you on the LAN Reg website under the event you are attending. Look for a red link that says "Waiver". 

Power restrictions?

To reduce the chances of overloading power circuits, causing power outages and damaging equipment, PDXLAN Power Management restricts and enforces people from using more than 600 watts of power per machine. However, this IS NOT the total wattage that your PSU can output, but rather the amount of wattage your power supply actually PULLS from the outlet while under heavy load, such as gaming, rendering, folding, benchmarking etc...

Modern PSU's nowadays can deliver over 1000 watts of power IF the machine actually uses that much, usually on multiple GPU setups with high overclocking.  Luckily, most people’s single GPU, quad core CPU, 1-2 HDD/SSD computers with a single 20-24’’ LCD monitor only pull around 350-500 watts of power under LOAD, putting most people’s computers well under our 600 watt limit.

If you are unsure of how much power wattage draw your computer consumes under load, it is recommended to have it measured by someone with a load meter such as this:

You can also get a general idea of your systems actual power draw wattage with a PSU calculator

Can I participate in all of the tournaments?

You can compete in multiple tournaments at PDXLAN so long as your matches do not collide. If there is ever a point when you are in a match for more than one tournament at a given time, you will be forced to choose. 

When is the next PDXLAN-run event?

A list of all our events can be found here. We look forward to seeing you!

What type of prizes does PDXLAN have?

PDXLAN's sponsors are amazingly generous to attendees. We have three different types of events:

PDXLAN "MAIN" (Feb / July) | $100,000+ in prizes and swag
PDXLAN "November" is our charity event | $100,000+ in prizes and swag
VectorLAN (Fall/Spring) | $0 in prizes - just pure gaming

All of our past/present sponsors can be found here

If you are looking for tournament prizing, we generally do not announce that until the event is close to sell-out. The best place to watch for this is in the tournament discussion forums for the specific event you are attending.

Can I rent a Computer or Monitor?

If you are in need of a monitor, you may be able to find one from a local attendee. Ask in the "wanted" forums and we are sure someone will help you out. Just be sure to do something nice for them!

Help?! I have no clue what I am doing! I am new!

Welcome to PDXLAN!! Everyone has to be new at one point and there are tons of people on the forums to help you out. Read through all the FAQ and if you still have questions, just ask in the forums. 



May I bring speakers?

Sorry, no speakers allowed. Your neighbors thank you in advance.

How many monitors may I bring? Monitor restrictions?

You can have one monitor per seat, or up to three with 2 seats.

LCD Monitors may not exceed 27"
*larger than 27" requires either a Leet seat (Main events) or two seats (VectorLAN & PDX Nov)

Special arrangements CAN be made for larger monitors or tri-monitors by purchasing an extra ticket or a Leet seat.

CRT Monitors are no longer allowed at PDXLAN

How many computers can I bring?

Due to power constraints, space constraints, and planning, only 1 computer per seat is allowed. Console systems and laptops count as a computer. 

What are PDXLAN's hours?

PDXLAN is open daily from 9AM - 3AM. While closed no one is allowed in the main hall except a private security company and their armed guard.

Te event begins the first day at 6pm and ends the last day at 5pm.

What is a BYOC Lan Party?

BYOC stands for Bring Your Own Computer. It is a network of computers and servers that attendees bring.

What does PDXLAN's Layout look like?

Each event varies slightly, but our main event layout looks something like this: 

Can I put my computer on the floor?


You can put your tower on the floor however we ask you to keep two things in mind:

1. Please make sure it does not impair movement in isle ways
2. Please make sure it is safe for your tower.
3. Wherever you put your computer, you are responsible for making sure it is out of the way.

(We'd hate someone to dent/scratch it or something because they tripped on it)

Can I sell stuff at the event?

You may sell your personal items so long as they are in fact your items and not a business. Since we sometimes have vendors at the event, everyone wishing to sell product on a vendor level at the event must have PDXLAN's permission. We don't usually prohibit someone from trying to sell or barter for their old video card processors, etc, but prior approval is required if you are a business.

If you are a vendor and wish to participate at the event, please use the contact us link and we would be happy to help you.

*Please note that "shouting" like vendors at a sports event is strictly prohibited. 

Can I bring a UPS?

No. Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS's) are absolutely not allowed at the event. UPS's draw a substantial power and will blow a circuit. This also includes the UPS's built into an outlet strip.

Will there be IRC at the event?

No, but you are welcome to run a server on your box.

Can you announce.....?

We do not permit attendee's to announce anything on the microphone. If you have an unofficial tournament that you are organizing we will happily tweet it to @pdxlan_event.

An example of a prepared tournament admin:

1. Look for an opening in the schedule.

2. Have the staff help desk add the pug-tournament to the steam schedule. Be SURE this tournament has "Unofficial" in front of it. If you need alp access, ask the help desk, not Vector.

3. Post in the Facebook Group "PDXLAN" with the details of the tournament and the meet time.

4. Ask the help-desk to announce it via twitter: "If you are interested in a {game name} tournament, there is a meeting in front of the stage at {time}"

5. At the scheduled time, be at the stage looking for the people interested. Do NOT ask for another announcement.  

Your meeting (tips)
1. Have a piece of paper there and have team captains write their seat and cell number for texts. This will help you get in contact with them without needing an announcement.

2. Note in your meeting that this tournament is Unofficial. This will mean that the event will not change its course around your schedule, so the attendees will need to be watching for official events. (This tip comes from previous unofficial tournament attendees asking us to wait for them, which we can not do)

Why do we only announce your tournament once? 
> Attendees can feel over-programmed if we use communication mediums too often. For a long time we did not make any announcements for unofficial events. We have changed that policy to the above so long as we do not encounter problems. So follow our tips and preparedness items. :)

Will there be an Internet connection?


Xfinity provides PDXLAN with a 10Gb fiber Internet connection for all your gaming needs. 

What type of Ethernet port will I have?

The PDXLAN network consists of a Gigabit backbone to each table attached to a 24 port 100mb switch delivered to each gamer. 100MB is enough to do that which the LAN is for, gaming.

File trading is allowed but we do ask that you not share any thing of adult nature or illegal programs, cracks or pirated software / music.

Fun Fact: by not providing 1GB ports to everyone at your table, this makes it so one person can not saturate your tables network connection to the core. Furthermore, tests show that the average table does not exceed 300mbs on their backbone line.  

What if I don't have a wired ethernet port?

We recommend settling this BEFORE you get to PDXLAN. Without an ethernet card you can not lan with others.

How Should my PC be set up to game the quickest?

The PDXLAN network uses DHCP to distribute IP address information to participants. You should configure your computer's TCP/IP settings to "Obtain automatically from the network" (Windows) or "Use DHCP" (Mac OS X) If you are still unsure what setting to use, don't worry, you can ask a knowledgeable help desk member when you arrive at PDXLAN and they will be more than glad to help you or point you in the right direction.

How long of an ethernet cable do I need?

Please bring at minimum a 25 foot Ethernet cord.

Can I bring (insert net hardware) to the lan? Network Hardware?

No. Please do not bring hubs, switches, routers, repeaters, gender changers, or token rings to plug into the network. All ports for plugging your single PC into the network are supplied at the table and no additional hardware other than an RJ45 Category 5/5e/6 cable and appropriate NIC card are necessary.

If you have a server system that you would like to hook into the network, it should be placed in "server row." To arrange placement of your server system, please contact Vector PRIOR to the event to get instructions.

Additionally, server row may have a "denser" switch, so be sure to bring an extra long cable in the event your server will be far from the network switch it plugs into. At least 50 feet should do it. Server ports are generally switched 1GB and for game servers only. (No file servers)

Sponsoring a team information. Team Manager.

If you are sponsoring a team at PDXLAN, thank you. We appreciate dedicated teams that demonstrate professional skills and behavior. One note to consider is that due to our spectator policy, A ticket is still required to get in. 

What are the tournament rules?

Tournament rules:

Prior to the event, tournament rules will be put into the Forums.

When does tournament registration open?

Tournament signup's will be held at PDXLAN the first day at 10PM. Different tournaments vary on what time they will start so be sure to check out the event schedule as soon as you arrive at the event. 

What games are played at PDXLAN?

If you bring it, odds are that someone will play it. In addition to the tournaments, somewhere around 50 different games are played during the event.

For which games will be played as tournaments, ask in the forums - you may meet someone new.

What are the prizes for the tournaments?

This specific information is not usually posted before an event. It may be posted in advance in the forums or on the front page. We like to keep this to ourselves for as long as possible to deter those who only come for prizes. While we understand that this is important to a lot of people, we'd like to keep PDXLAN primarily about "fun" in the tournaments and less about what you will win. 

Unofficial tournaments?

All unofficial tournaments are hosted by avid and adventurous attendees. 

While we welcome anyone to run one, we prefer gamers who have run tourneys before. You can run any game that you want, we only as that you contact us well in advance to let us know the specifics. To help out, we have a developed a section on the intranet site which will allow you to hold signup's the first day. (This helps with rosters and bracketing.) All unofficial tourneys are strictly for fun. No fees are permitted. Just let us know what you want to do! 99% of these are run late at night as PDXLAN keeps pretty busy during the day.

If you have other questions, just ask in the forums - we'd be happy to help you.

How do I play in a tournament?
  1. Register for the event.
  2. Select a seat.
  3. Get to the event!
  4. When you get to the event, you MUST register on ALP by the specified time on the schedule
  5. Be at the designated area during roll call. (Times and Locations will be posted at the event)
  6. Get ready to get fragged or frag.
Will there be showers? What about body odor?

There will be no public showers, but you are expected to keep fresh. We suggest renting a room at the Holiday Inn to sleep and shower in. 

The common courtesy you can do for one another is to take a shower daily and wear loads of deodorant. 

Will the facility be kept clean?

The hotel sanitation staff will be on duty during the length of the event. Of course, the event itself will be much cleaner if everyone picks up after themselves, and treats the facility as if it were their home. 

If you notice a issue with a bathroom, please call the hotel at 503-256-5000

What about sleep?

PDXLAN runs all four days at a hotel. Because the event is run at a hotel, you will need to sleep at the hotel in a very affordable room. 

If sleep is needed and you don't have a hotel room, remember sleep is not permitted in the conference room OR in your car at anytime. You must go to the hotel to sleep or leave the premises due to fire regulations.

The event does shut down for just 6 hours per day (4am-10am) 

What about security? Is my system safe?

PDXLAN hires security guards for the hours 4AM-10AM nightly. No one is allowed to remain in the room, not even PDXLAN staff. The room reopens at 10AM. You ARE allowed to take anything with you out the doors before 4AM if you wish.

Security Tips 101 for ANY LAN Party:

  1. Watch your items carefully at all times.
  2. Keep multiple items in one bag rather than all over your area
  3. Keep items in bags (Out of sight)
  4. If you win something big, hold on to it, or put it in your hotel room
  5. Don't trust anyone! Leaving your prize on your computer for only 5 minutes could prove bad!
  6. Be mindful of those around you that you don't know. Making eye contact with a friendly smile goes a long way.
  7. Staff can NOT be asked to hold items for you.
  8. Lock your car.
  9. Keep items in your car covered.
  10. Take accessories with you when you leave. (Nice headphones, Mice, etc.)
How much is parking?

Parking is FREE and covered by PDXLAN for the duration of the event.

Where is the event? Where can I get Hotel info?

PDXLAN is held at the Holiday Inn by the Portland Airport.

The address of the attached hotel is:

Holiday Inn
8439 NE Columbia Drive
Portland, OR 97220

Hotel Room Booking link: here

Are RV's allowed?

RV's are not allowed in the venue Parking lot. You must find somewhere else to park your RV

How do I get there? (Directions)

From Seattle:
Take I-5 to I-205 in Vancouver
Merge onto I-205
Travel along I-205 into Oregon
Take the Hwy 30 / Columbia Blvd Exit Just past the airport
Go WEST on 30 (Right)
After the right, there will be a light immediately in front of you, turn RIGHT onto Columbia
Travel down Columbia until you see the Holiday Inn
Turn Right into their parking lot
The convention center is the Large 1 story building on your right.

From Salem
Take I-5 to I-205
Merge onto I-205
Take the Hwy 30 / Columbia Blvd WEST Exit Just before the airport
Go WEST on 30 (Right)
After the right, there will be a light immediately in front of you, turn RIGHT onto Columbia
Travel down Columbia until you see the Holiday Inn
Turn Right into their parking lot
The convention center is the Large 1 story building on your right.

From the East
Take Hwy 84 to I-205 NORTH
Merge onto I-205
Take the Hwy 30 / Columbia Blvd WEST Exit Just before the airport
Go WEST on 30 (Right)
After the right, there will be a light immediately in front of you, turn RIGHT onto Columbia
Travel down Columbia until you see the Holiday Inn
Turn Right into their parking lot
The convention center is the Large 1 story building on your right.

From the West
Take Hwy 84 to I-205 NORTH
Merge onto I-205
Take the Hwy 30 / Columbia Blvd WEST Exit Just before the airport
Go WEST on 30 (Right)
After the right, there will be a light immediately in front of you, turn RIGHT onto Columbia
Travel down Columbia until you see the Holiday Inn
Turn Right into their parking lot
The convention center is the Large 1 story building on your right.

From the Airport (PDX International)
Take Airport way EAST to 82nd
Turn Right onto 82nd
Travel South on 82nd
Take the Columbia Blvd exit
Turn LEFT onto Columbia Blvd

Where should I sleep?

PDXLAN is held at the Holiday Inn, sleep there! By sleeping at the Hotel, you help keep admission prices lower in the future. Book here.

Sleeping is not allowed in the conference center overnight.

Will there be food?

PDXLAN doesn't provide any food, but there are tons of options nearby. Also check out the Hotel Restaurant and Bar.

What are the nearby food choices?

Red Robin, Buffalo Wild Wings, IKEA, Subway, IHOP, Starbucks, Famous Dave's, Hot pot and sushi, Jersey Mikes, Panda Express, Pizano's Pizza, Taco Del Mar, WOW Burger, Taco Bell, McDonald's, Burger King, Hotel food, Elmer's and other various food places are all within a 2 mile radius of the event.

Can we BBQ out back? In the parking lot?

Sorry, but due to venue rules we may not allow grilling outside. Though it sure sounds good..

Can we bring coolers?

Yes, you can bring SMALL lunch sized personal coolers with ice packs in them. Also, please try to use frozen gel packs, or blue ice packs to cool your items. Don't bring in more than you need, make use out of your PERSONAL fridge in the hotel room. As a reminder, no alcohol is allowed in PDXLAN.

Can we bring our own food and drink?


When does LAN registration open?

We typically open registration for events at our other events. A general rule of thumb:

  • PDXLAN Summer opens the last day of PDXLAN winter
  • PDXLAN Winter opens the last day of PDXLAN Summer
  • PDXLAN November opens the last day of Vector LAN Spring
  • Vector LAN Spring opens at PDXLAN November
Can I bring a server?

Yes. You can bring a server if you want. Servers must ONLY run games, or web content. File servers are NOT permitted.  Servers must be placed in server row, and set up PRIOR to the event with Remote Desktop, VNC, or other remote program. No monitors allowed. 

Please PM Vector on the forums to set this up.

PDXLAN does not charge for this.

Can I bring a projector?

Sorry, we do not allow this for power and past abuse issues. Since we do not control what is on the screen, we can't allow it.

Special arrangements may be made if you contact Vector and have a great reason for needing one.

Can I bring my own chair?

We permit this only at PDXLAN November, and Vector LAN's unless you have a Leet Seat at a MAIN event in February or July.

Since the main events are so packed, there just isn't enough room for chairs in isles.

Do I bring my own computer?

Yes, you will need your ENTIRE computer.. The monitor, tower, mouse, keyboard, 25 ft cord, outlet strip etc. ( See What do I need to bring? )

Is smoking allowed? Drinking?

No smoking in the LAN, or by the front doors. The designated smoking area is at least 25 feet from all entrances. No outside alcohol is allowed inside the event at anytime.

Note: No vaping is allowed.


Are spectators allowed? Family? Friends?

Spectators are not allowed at PDXLAN unless they are media. PDXLAN is not a "typical' LAN or social gathering, it is more like a MLB / NBA / NHL / NFL / Concert where a PAID admission is required to get in. This is done with the safety of the attendees in mind. At anytime a parent, or family guardian wishes to communicate with their child, the child must come out of the room into the lobby. If your child needs paged, we can do that, but your child may come out very red, and embarrassed.

Make sure you have a communication method set up BEFORE the lan with your parent / child/family/friends. Pretend you ARE at a concert or sports event, how would friends/family get a hold of you there? Likely, that answer will help you devise a plan to meet at PDXLAN.

What are the exact times of the event?

The event doors open at 6pm on the start date for Volunteers, and at 6:15 for everyone else. Gaming starts immediately, tournament signup's begin at 10PM on the first night. The event ends at 5pm on the end date.

What are the top mistakes made by others?
  • Don't forget to bring your stuff
  • Review the "What do I need to bring list" TWICE
  • People always forget mouse pads, power cables, outlet strips, or hardware drivers
  • Show up for tournament matches on time.
  • Show up to tournament roll call on time. You will forfeit if you are late.
  • Make sure your computer is working and that your ethernet card will get you on a network BEFORE the event.
  • Understand why we exist. These events are so gamers can have fun.
What do I need to bring?
  • A form of identification with picture
  • Your Computer
  • Your Monitor
  • Your Keyboard
  • Your Mouse
  • Your Mouse pad / Surface
  • Power cords for above equipment
  • An outlet strip
  • Headphones (Remember, no speakers allowed)
  • An ethernet 10/100 cord (minimum 25 feet)
  • An ethernet CARD (10/100 RJ45)
  • All of your games
  • All of your driver / OS disks in case your computer gets a cold
  • Money for Concessions / Hardware / other food / Massage
  • Your own snacks / food ( This must be kept outside the hall )
  • A good attitude

  • Spare equipment for your PC
  • Spare equipment for trading
  • Blank CDR's / DVDR's
  • Blank Floppy (Someone always needs one)
  • A camera to take pictures
  • Batteries for above camera
  • The camera's upload cable, or media reader
  • Your modded case
  • A GREAT attitude
What if I am under 18?

If you are under 18 you MUST bring with you a SIGNED minor form. This form must be filled out completely by your guardian. If you are under 16 you will need someone with you 18 or older during the event. Please note that the content of PDXLAN is at minimum PG13. There may be adult themes present in some of the video games and videos played on the projector, or loud language by others.

What is the differences between seat types?

Regular Seat: (All events)
1. Dimensions of 30" x 36"
2. Power: 650W PSU or less
3. LCD Monitor of 24" or below

Leet Seat: (Feb/July events only)
1. Dimensions of 30" x 48"
2. Power: 1200W PSU or less
3. Two LCD Monitors of 24" or below
4. Attendee can bring office chair
5. Extra Swag from sponsors
6. Front row seating at presentations
7. Seating near stage
8. Front of line privileges at registration

Is there a forum where I can get information about the Lan?

Yes, PDXLan has an active forum that covers each Lan and the specific activities for each event. As well as general topics of interest shared by the Laning community. It's also a great place to meet new people!

The forums can be found at

Should I bring my child to the LAN?

PDXLAN is primarily for teens and adults. Typical PDXLAN will have someone who yells out a curse word in the heat of the moment. PDXLAN will have times where the videos on the projector may have foul language. Please only bring your child if these are acceptable parameters to you. 

PDXLAN is located at the Holiday Inn, and the Holiday Inn enforces a strict non-smoking rule inside the venue, and within 25 feet of all entrances. 

PDXLAN should be considered at least a PG-13 environment.

Will there be a case mod contest at PDXLAN?

Normally CPU Magazine will host a case mod contest at every major Summer and Winter event. (This is subject to change at anytime)

How can I get [THE BEST GAME EVER] sponsored as a tournament?

Tournament games are typically chosen by the event coordinator and the sponsor providing the prizes for the game.  Factors taken into consideration include: 

How new is the game?
How relevant is it to the prizes being sponsored?
Does the sponsor have a vested interest in the game?
Will the tournament be fun?
Will the tournament attract enough people to provide a good challenge?

Public interest DOES play a factor in tournaments being selected, however it is NOT usually the primary/driving factor in selection.  Getting 20 buddies to all request a game as a tournament on the forums or Facebook will generally not work.

If you have a deep and abiding love for a game, consider running your own Unofficial Tournament!  If it gets enough participants, these have been known in the past to attract prizes (not a guarantee though).

I don't see my favorite game being played for a tournament, and I think it should. Why not? What should I do?

There are so many different games that could be played in a tournament, and often, not enough people to run them, not enough interest, or not enough time to in the schedule.

All is not lost, however.

Here are some quick pointers to help get your favorite game considered for the Tournament schedule:

- Start or add to a forum topic in the Tournaments section of the event - this is where people (including admins) will check for interest.

- Be willing to coordinate the tourney - these events take a lot of people and time, especially the main PDXLAN events in February, July, and November. Show you're willing to step up.  This may include getting the game distributor/creator involved in providing prizes (particularly if they're not already a PDXLAN sponsor).

- Get people fired up about it! - the quickest way to kill a tournament idea is a lack of interest in the community.  Sell the tournament by being as excited about it and they should be!

- Don't be upset if it doesn't happen - circumstances that may come up that prevent your tournament wish to be granted.  Be gracious and thankful, and don't give up!  There's always next time.

Am I required to participate in tournaments/contests at PDXLAN?

No. You are not required to participate in any event while at PDXLAN. That'd be silly!

Can I post advertisements about my company in the forums?

If you are a current sponsor of PDXLAN you may create a forum in the appropriate category to your topic. If you are not a sponsor of PDXLAN, then we ask that you get involved with the community by contacting us about sponsorship.

Who organizes PDXLAN?

PDXLAN is organized by Matt Conwell and the PDXLAN Staff. 

PDXLAN is a Not-for-profit organization that was founded in 2002. Since then PDXLAN has been hosting LAN Parties around the United States. 

How can I be removed from the mailing list?

We are sorry to see you go, but understand your request. Please click here.

email remove removal unsubscribe

Who can I contact about a non-functional prize? What about RMA?

First, we are sorry that your prize either broke or is non-functional.

We'd love to help you, but the prizes given to PDXLAN are given to us by the representatives of the company and they do not give us a receipt of any kind. Your best bet is to let them know in the RMA process that this prize was given to you at PDXLAN by the "COMPANY NAME HERE" marketing team. 

Please do remember to act professional and courteous in your interactions with companies as you are a reflection of LAN attendees everywhere, not just PDXLAN. Don't threaten to be mean on social media and tell all your friends - just be nice. You'll always get better service.

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Is your question not listed? Please post in the forums and someone will help you out.


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