Advice from PDXLAN Veterans 

"PDXLAN can seem chaotic if you don't know where to look for information. I believe the most important thing a new attendee can know is where to find information. Read the Event Information on the website (Top Left of pdx's website). Read the flyer at your spot when you arrive. The event schedule is on steam, announcements are made via Twitter, and if you are looking to play a particular game check out the "Lets Game" channel on Discord. Don't expect the event staff to find you playmates, be friendly and outgoing and you'll do fine."

- Matt "Vector" Conwell, PDXLAN Founder

 "Make sure the information in LAN REG is correct two weeks before the event. Your seat, your info. If you bought someone else a seat put their information in, not yours. If you were gifted a seat from a friend, your information needs to be in the seat, not the buyers."

- Demented, PDXLAN Registration Admin

"Your internet key is on the back of your badge. Open a browser and enter it in. Figure out how to disable all peer-to-peer patching and updating (Blizzard) before plugging in at the event. When you forget, because everyone does and Blizzard is sneaky, bring your IP address and your shame to the helpdesk (located to the right of the stage)."

 - Robin Kruse, Event Attendee

"The room tends to start rather chilly in the mornings but heats up and usually ends up warm by the evening so dress accordingly and be prepared. Make sure you drink plenty of water (the hotel sets up a water station) throughout the event and dont just drink Monster. Don't be afraid to reach out and talk to the people around you, you can end up making some great friends. The room is usually pretty noisy but can be especially loud if you are seated near the stage, if you would like to be in a quieter section buy a seat away from the stage"

 - John Smith
, Event Attendee

"Don't be scared to ask for help."

- Jeff Hall, Event Attendee

"Some of the people at PDXLAN are the true salt of the earth. If you let yourself you might mike some of the strongest lasting friendships you can have. Remember that the people at the LAN are generally here for the same reason and interests as you, to have fun while gaming. Branch out and be willing to meet and greet those around you."

- Ray Washington
, Event Attendee

"Remember to ALWAYS give the sponsors some love! Even if you don't like their products. They give US tons of love!!"

~ Andy Davis, Event Attendee

"Make friends with your table mates. You'll be seeing them a lot in the next few days."

- Eric Penner
, Event Attendee



PDXLAN Spring 2019
March 21st-24th
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