Short version:

PDXLAN is a mega-LAN Party event where up to 550 PC gamers bring their computers for up to four days to play video games. Gamers come from all over the United States and Canada to participate in fun contests, competitive tournaments, and sponsor presentations. Typical PDXLAN events also include up to $100,000 in sponsor prizes for the attendees. Check out an attendee-made video of an event here.

 Long version:

The idea of PDXLAN started out in October 2002. Our first event was a 500 person LAN Party as described above with no prior experience. After the first event in July 2003 PDXLAN attendees quickly asked when the next event would be. PDXLAN announced that the second event would be in January of 2004. Shortly after PDXLAN 2, NVIDIA contacted PDXLAN to help run and organize "GeForce LAN" in San Francisco April 13th 2004. Shortly thereafter PDXLAN began running 4 events a year while taking on other event planning responsibilities for other companies.

In 2006 PDXLAN began hosting "Showdown LAN" for Maximum PC and PC Gamer. These 500 person LAN Parties were held from 2006 to 2009 in San Mateo California, San Jose California, Peoria Illinois, Indianapolis Illinois, and Worcester Massachusetts. Event consulting continued with PDXLAN hosting multiple events for NVIDIA, Booth work at Comic Con, PAX, and an AMD FAN day in 2013. To date our favorite event that we helped produce was GeForce LAN 2011 on the USS Hornet in Alameda California - a retired naval aircraft carrier. This venue was challenging, yet extremely awesome for the attendees.

Over the years PDXLAN has become one of the largest PC-Enthusiast communities in the United States. PDXLAN prides itself in charity work and it's down-to-earth community members that are always willing to lend a helping hand.

Charity Work:

PDXLAN began hosting charity events at it's LAN Parties in 2005. To date PDXLAN has raised over $100,000 and over 140,000 pounds of food for charity. PDXLAN also works with the NVIDIA Foundation which has helped with matching PDXLAN gamer contributions over the past decade.

Charities PDXLAN has worked with:

  • American Red Cross - Disaster Relief
  • Child's Play
  • Smile Train
  • Union Gospel Mission
  • Oregon Food Bank
  • Portland Rescue Mission
  • Dorrenbecher's Children Hospital
  • Children's Cancer Association
  • The Special Olympics
  • The KGW Toy Drive
  • The Phil Scholz Memorial Foundation

Expansion I

In 2007 PDXLAN expanded to include a charity event once per year named "PDX November" which focused on raising food for local shelters. The PDX November event has raised over 95,000 pounds of food over the past few years for local shelters, and over $50,000 in 2016 alone.

Expansion II

In 2012 PDXLAN began hosting "Vector LAN", a 21+ 250 person LAN Party focused on pure gaming. These events are held once per a year. 

Expansion III

In June 2018 PDXLAN will be holding back-to-back summer events in an effort to fit more people into the LAN. The events will only be 4 days apart.


Spring 2020
April 30th-3rd
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