Must Have Items:

  • A form of identification with picture
  • Your Computer
  • Your Monitor
  • Your Keyboard
  • Your Mouse
  • Your Mouse pad / Surface
  • Power cords for above equipment
  • A surge protector
  • Headphones (Remember, no speakers allowed)
  • An ethernet cord (minimum 25 feet)
  • An ethernet CARD (10/100 RJ45)
  • All of your games
  • Money for Concessions / Hardware / other food
  • Your own snacks / food
  • A good attitude

Optional Items:

  • Spare equipment for your PC
  • Spare equipment for trading
  • USB Thumb drives / external drives
  • A camera to take pictures
  • Batteries for above camera
  • The camera's upload cable, or media reader
  • A office chair (Vector LAN and PDXLAN November only)

Do not bring:

  • Speakers
  • Routers / Network gear
  • Ice chests that leak

About us

PDXLAN is updating it's network and some community members have asked to help. If you would like to help, please use this button. We'll track how much has been raised and update it manually once per week.

Total raised: $1210

At $5,000 we will meet the goal and this button will be removed.


Vector LAN 8
April 7th-9th
[Event Registration]
PDXLAN 30 [Sold out]
July 21st-24th
[Event Registration]
November 3rd-6th
[Event Registration]

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