Forum Conduct:

  • No Profanity
  • No racist or inciting religious words 
  • No Moving avatars 
  • Avatars must be of a PG13 nature and not offensive to others 
  • No Porn Links 
  • Any link you post that is questionable in nature should have a [NSFW] in the title (Not safe for work) 
  • No discussions about how to hack programs, or download illegal material 
  • Respect one another, Even yourself. We are a community  treat each other as such.  
  • Listen to the Administrators 
  • Moderators are the Ambassadors for the Administrators  Treat them with respect. 
  • Please do not post pictures or avatars in your Signature. We do this to keep our forum clutter free. 
  • Please do not post pictures in our forums that are larger than our theme. You should use THUMBNAILS whenever possible. 
  •  Last of all  HAVE FUN!

Buying / Selling Rules:


  • You MAY post items won at a LAN Party so long as you explain why you don't need it / can't use it.
  • You must post a price, and post when the item is sold.
  • You may not post "Interest check" - only post if you are ready to sell.
  • You may bump your thread every 72 hours.
  • You may only have one FS thread, consolidate your items. Ask to have it locked when you are done.
  • No selling coupons or freely distributed items.
  • No selling items against an ELUA.
  • No selling access to illegal content.
  • No vendors / business
  • Pictures are not required but suggested
  • Ticket scalping (of any event, not just PDXLAN) is not allowed.
  • Please attempt to provide an accurate description of the item if used. (How badly used?)


  • Please do not post anything not related to the thread
  • If the price is too high, then PM the user your offer. Don't derail their thread.
  • Do not tell a seller that you are ready to buy, and then back out. (Sellers, report abusers)

Wanted Rules:

  • Post items you are seeking, and if applicable what price you are willing to pay.
  • If you don't have information about what the OP is looking for, don't post.
  • If you have a link to something OP wants, you can post it  

Free / Barter / Trade Rules:

  • If you have something for FREE or TRADE (and there is no money involved) this is the place to post it. 
  • Examples: Free games, old computer gear, a couch, a desk, etc
  • You may ask for money for shipping
  • OP should set terms in initial post. (Pick up only / Want to trade / etc)
  • Pictures are not required but suggested.

Great Deals:

  • No vendors/businesses 
  • Post the deal and where to find it

About us

PDXLAN is updating it's network and some community members have asked to help. If you would like to help, please use this button. We'll track how much has been raised and update it manually once per week.

Total raised: $1210

At $5,000 we will meet the goal and this button will be removed.


Vector LAN 8
April 7th-9th
[Event Registration]
PDXLAN 30 [Sold out]
July 21st-24th
[Event Registration]
November 3rd-6th
[Event Registration]

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