PDXLAN is a mega-LAN Party and PC gaming event in Portland, Oregon. PC gamers from around North America unite together and play video games with one another for four days while raising money for charity. Our goals are best described in our tag line: “Have fun, Frag hard, Give back.”

PDXLAN hosts two events per year that consist of more than 1,000 gamers from North America. These events happen in Fall and Spring. PDXLAN events are four days long, host multiple contests for attendees, BYOC tournaments, Sponsor presentations, and raffles. PDXLAN’s community is best described as a room filled with hardcore PC gamers, computer modders, and hardware enthusiasts. PDXLAN events have a very busy schedule with something for everyone who loves PC gaming, or attendees can just game with their friends at their PC or a Free-Play PC.

PDXLAN events tend to give away over $100,000 in PC hardware prizes. Tickets for the PDXLAN BYOC always go on sale at the opposite event (Fall tickets go on sale at the Spring event, and Spring tickets go on sale at the Fall event). Be ready, BYOC tickets sell very fast! Day Pass tickets are available at the door on Saturdays. 

Need More Information?
PDXLAN has been producing events since 2003 and it’s community has grown immensely over the past 16 years.  PDXLAN hosts a Forum Community for our gamers to chat about hardware, games, events, buy/sell hardware, etc. If you have a question about the event or where to find particular information be sure to post your question in those forums for help. You’ll likely have an answer within a day. Also feel free to check out our FAQ in the menu bar above.

Featured videos about PDXLAN: 

What PDXLAN attendees are saying:

  • Despite the size of the events there’s not only a sense of community, but also a sense of family. ~Heath C.

  • I feel this is the safest gaming community where I don’t have to deal with harassment or toxic behavior. ~Tessa M.

  • The community is not only generous with the charities, but with each other. They are always willing to help others. ~Michael W.

  • I have been attending for over 10 years, and have seen multiple times the community come together and donate spare parts to build someone in need a gaming PC, or upgrade someone that could not afford to do so. I love that the sponsors don’t behave as outsiders or benefactors but rather as a part of the Event’s Community. It really is a group of great people. ~Dante

  • The tournaments never feel like “try hard” situations. It’s very casual and usually everyone has a good time. I’ve never experienced a situation where I could stomp someone into the ground in a game, and they come to my seat and say they had a blast.  It’s honest sportsmanship and good times in all the tournaments. ~Steven P.

  • When I went to this last event I didn’t have anyone else to game with. I really needed a space to unwind. After I arrived I reached out and it wasn’t even the end of the 1st day I had an entire group to play with. ~Zach R.

  • PDXLAN defines “Community” better than any other real world community I’ve been in. People help each other, support each other, and when they can, they give back. ~Joe S.