• PDXLAN - November 2021

    Greetings everyone! PDXLAN is currently planned to happen this November 11th - 14th! (Woot!) With COVID restrictions beginning to ease, that's the plan unless something goes wrong, and we end up with a 4th wave that shuts things down again. Most announcements (Tournaments, Contests, Prizing) regarding this event will not begin until September at minimum. Website also will be out of date until then as well. In some good / bad news - We sold 1,000 tickets and in Fall events we only typically have Hall A - which isn't quite big enough for 1,000. I've upgraded the Fall event to Hall C to make sure we aren't cramped. At this time, I expect to put a larger distance between rows (15' instead of

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  • Summer Classic Week 1 is here!

    PDXLAN is proud to start week 1 of 14 of the PDXLAN Virtual event known as the "PDXLAN Classic". This Thursday at 8PM we will be running a Pick up game "PUG" of Overwatch customs with one player being chosen at random to win a case of BAWLS shipped to their home! EVGA and Blizazrd will sponsor the World of Warcraft Decathlon with 1st place winning an EVGA RTX 2060 & a 1 year subscription. Second place will win a 1 Year subscription, and one completely random person will win a 1 year subscription. The Warcraft Decathalon start meeting is at 8PM on Friday. And finally, on Saturday at 8PM PUBG will be our first tournament. For the first match,

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  • PDXLAN Day Pass for Summer event

    PDXLAN Day Pass for Summer event

    PDXLAN will not be doing day passes, or Day Pass activities at the Summer 2020 event. Being that we've removed the PC free play and board game sections we don't feel there is enough to offer for Day Pass attendees. Attendee guests will be allowed for a nominal fee. Looks like it will just be a small group of 1,000 people playing games all weekend... <3

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    Need energy to keep gaming? BAWLS has you covered. BAWLS is doubling the amount of energy drinks they are sending for PDXLAN's 1,000 person BYOC this spring. Huge thanks to BAWLS for being an amazing sponsor, and for keeping us awake....just one more level... just one more minute... just one more...

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  • Welcome NVIDIA! Welcome limited edition GeForce 2080 Ti !!

    Welcome NVIDIA! Welcome limited edition GeForce 2080 Ti !!

    PDXLAN is proud to announce that NVIDIA will be sponsoring this Summer PDXLAN! Since 2003 NVIDIA has been a sponsor of  all 48 PDXLAN's. This Spring NVIDIA is bringing with them a very special treat - a Cyberpunk 2077 edition of the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti. This very rare card will only be available to attendees in the PDXLAN charity raffle. (Details on charity very soon) Huge thanks to NVIDIA! Let's all make some noise! 

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  • PDXLAN Internet at event

    PDXLAN Internet at event

    When PDXLAN first began in 2003 it had a 1.5Mbps DSL line for 500 gamers. Anything besides browsing web pages was completely out of the question. As PDXLAN went on in years Steam was released which made Internet an absolute prerequisite for some games that were tournaments. Around PDXLAN 2 in 2004 it was Comcast that helped us figure out a way to get enough Internet to you so that the show could go on. Fast forward to 2017 when we were looking at the new venue (Clark County Fairgrounds) again it was Comcast who paid contractors and employees to pipe fiber out to the fairgrounds. Comcast has been a sponsor, and partner for over 15 years. It is with

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  • PDXLAN and Coronavirus

    PDXLAN and Coronavirus


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  • Please update your seats, email matters!

    Please update your seats, email matters!

    PDXLAN Spring 2020 attendees, please update your tickets now! We've put up an image at "http://pdxlan.net/LAN/seatcheck.jpg" of all the handles who need to update their tickets (Highlighted). We need the actual name of the person sitting in each seat, handle, and most importantly, email address. If you have double seats for more room, follow the instructions at the link below. We will be hosting a tournament this year for an unreleased game, and PDXLAN attendees will be getting into a beta just for the weekend, we will be distributing codes to these emails. For more information on how to update your tickets, please visit "http://www.pdxlan.net/LAN/verify-your-tickets-are-correct/"<-- DO THIS ASAP! This will be your only reminder... don't miss out... 

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  • Six Sponsor booths at PDXLAN S-20

    Six Sponsor booths at PDXLAN S-20

    Coming to PDXLAN this Spring? We've got some awesome booths for you to visit. So far you'll be able to visit EVGA, InWin, XPG (Adata), MSI, Grays Harbor College, and Precision Eye Care. At the Grays Harbor College table you'll be able to talk about their new eSports program. At Precision Eye Care you'll be able to pick up your pre-ordered GUNNAR glasses, or check out a pair and have them shipped to you! EVGA is back showing off Motherboards, Power Supplies, GPUs, and more. InWin will be showing off their latest line of enthusiast PC cases, and MSI will be showing off Motherboards, GPU's, and accessories. PDXLAN's Spring event will have a "passport" card where attendees that visit all

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  • PDXLAN Store to open online for limited time only!

    PDXLAN Store to open online for limited time only!

    The PDXLAN store will open for 5 weeks starting Feb 28th, and close on April 2nd. PDXLAN T-shirts, Hats, and other swag will be available to purchase online for Spring 2020 event delivery. Some items will be limited quantity, like the PDXLAN 2020 Coin... So be sure to check out the store on Friday Feb 28th! All orders are online only. Delivery at PDXLAN Spring-2020 only. This year the funds generated by the store will help support new staff shirts, and our very own badge printer. 

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  • PDXLAN's Spring 2020 event to host 6 vs. 6 Overwatch Tournament!

    PDXLAN's Spring 2020 event to host 6 vs. 6 Overwatch Tournament!

    Calling all Overwatch players! PDXLAN is excited to announce that it will be hosting a massive 6 vs. 6 Overwatch tournament at the Spring 2020 BYOC event! PDXLAN will be putting major hardware prizes behind this tournament, so be sure to sign up for the event if you have not yet already done so. We are looking forward to a great tournament! 

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  • DAY 4: PDXLAN Fall 2019

    DAY 4: PDXLAN Fall 2019

    Today at PDXLAN... || 9:00 AM PDXLAN Hall Doors Open || 12:00 Registration for Spring 2020 (1,000 person BYOC) goes live || 1:00 PM Sign up for PDXLAN Main Raffle || 1:30 PM Sign up for raffles ends || 2:00 PM Pre-Raffle Prizes announced || 3:00 PM Live Raffle || 4PM Internet Shutdown ||

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  • DAY 2: PDXLAN Fall 2019

    DAY 2: PDXLAN Fall 2019

    Today at PDXLAN..... || 9:00 AM PDXLAN Hall Doors Open || 10:00 AM Left 4 Dead 2 tournament || 10:30 AM DOTA Underlords tournament || 2:00 PM Crokinole tournament || 4:00 PM Team Tic Tac Toe contest || 7:00 PM Starcraft 2 tournament || 8:00 PM PubG tournament || 8:30 PM SMASH tournament ||

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  • DAY 1: PDXLAN Fall 2019

    DAY 1: PDXLAN Fall 2019

    Today at PDXLAN..... || 5:00 PM PreRegistration Opens || 6:00 PM PDXLAN Hall Doors open || 8:30 PM JackBox Games || 9:00PM Stage Welcome || 10:00 PM GOTH Overwatch || Midnight: GOTH UT2k4. || 

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    You made it! Pre-Registration will open at 5pm and the doors to the hall will open at 6pm. As you move your gear in this evening please remember not to block aisles with computers, carts, or chairs. Take your time moving in your gear - another trip to the car is easier to deal with than a dropped tower or monitor. Verify your seat location before you set your computer up by using the table maps on both ends of the table. We are looking forward to seeing you all! ~HAVE FUN. FRAG HARD. GIVE BACK.

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