About our 2019 charity drive

PDXLAN incorporates a charity component into each PDXLAN event. Each event attendees as a community aim to reach $30,000 in donations to chosen local charities. Attendees will be able to give to the charities listed on this page. Attendees will also be able direct their family and friends give to these charities to help raise funds.

Our charity selection process selects only official charities (501 3c) within the 90th percentile or above. Another way to put it: We make sure the charities we choose are not only legitimate, but that the dollars you donate get to the programs that need it most. 

This November 2019 PDXLAN attendees will be raising money for “Because People Matter~Night Strike” – a great charity based locally.

The more each attendee raises, the more chances they’ll have to win in the PDXLAN charity raffle at the end of the event. Every $10 donated will get (1) charity raffle ticket.  Attendees are encouraged to get their family, friends, neighbors, and workplaces involved for this fall’s charity drive. Our community alone can’t raise this much – but by encouraging our community to work at their own micro-drives with the people they know,  we can accomplish something great!

Help in PDXLAN’s Mission: Have fun, Frag hard, Give back. 

Attendee Instructions

  1. Read about the charity we are supporting below
  2. Click on the “Donate Now” link at the bottom
  3. Use that page to complete your donation, put your real name in the “Donation in support of” field.
  4. At the event bring up your email receipt (on phone is fine) to the help desk on Sat/Sun

Friends / Family instructions

  1. Read about the charity we are supporting below
  2. Click on the “Donate Now” link at the bottom
  3. Use that page to complete your donation
  4. Be sure to put the attendees FULL NAME in the “Donation in support of” field so they get credit for your donation.

Chosen Charity:
Because People Matter

Goal: $30,000

Night Strike is an urban humanitarian relief outreach, drawing over 175 volunteers every Thursday night (47 weeks on the year) underneath the Burnside Bridge along Naito Parkway in Portland. The nonprofit that runs the program has faithfully done so in the same location for over 15 years; serving a meal for 300 each week, offering clothing, sleeping bags, haircuts, personal hygiene toiletries, resource referral, medical and dental services, and most importantly, warmth and compassion. Over the years, several local schools, faith groups and corporations have partnered with us to have impact in our community; from restaurants that donate their food service; to retailers that donate clothing; to service providers.

Night Strike is putting hope within reach, because people matter!

*No second charity this event.

Nightstrike for more information.