Forum Conduct:

  • No Profanity
  • No racist or inciting religious words 
  • No Moving avatars 
  • Avatars must be of a PG13 nature and not offensive to others 
  • No Porn Links 
  • Any link you post that is questionable in nature should have a [NSFW] in the title (Not safe for work) 
  • No discussions about how to hack programs, or download illegal material 
  • Respect one another, Even yourself. We are a community  treat each other as such. 
  • Listen to the Administrators 
  • Moderators are the Ambassadors for the Administrators  Treat them with respect. 
  • Please do not post pictures or avatars in your Signature. We do this to keep our forum clutter free. 
  • Please do not post pictures in our forums that are larger than our theme. You should use THUMBNAILS whenever possible. 
  •  Last of all  HAVE FUN!

Buying / Selling Rules:


  • You MAY post items won at a LAN Party so long as you explain why you don’t need it / can’t use it.
  • You must post a price, and post when the item is sold.
  • You may not post “Interest check” – only post if you are ready to sell.
  • You may bump your thread every 72 hours.
  • You may only have one FS thread, consolidate your items. Ask to have it locked when you are done.
  • No selling coupons or freely distributed items.
  • No selling items against an ELUA.
  • No selling access to illegal content.
  • No vendors / business
  • Pictures are not required but suggested
  • Ticket scalping (of any event, not just PDXLAN) is not allowed.
  • Please attempt to provide an accurate description of the item if used. (How badly used?)


  • Please do not post anything not related to the thread
  • If the price is too high, then PM the user your offer. Don’t derail their thread.
  • Do not tell a seller that you are ready to buy, and then back out. (Sellers, report abusers)

Wanted Rules:

  • Post items you are seeking, and if applicable what price you are willing to pay.
  • If you don’t have information about what the OP is looking for, don’t post.
  • If you have a link to something OP wants, you can post it  

Free / Barter / Trade Rules:

  • If you have something for FREE or TRADE (and there is no money involved) this is the place to post it. 
  • Examples: Free games, old computer gear, a couch, a desk, etc
  • You may ask for money for shipping
  • OP should set terms in initial post. (Pick up only / Want to trade / etc)
  • Pictures are not required but suggested.

Great Deals:

  • No vendors/businesses 
  • Post the deal and where to find it