(For those wishing to bring their own computer)

Where to buy BYOC tickets:

PDXLAN sells tickets here through LANreg.org


How to buy tickets:

  1. Create a LANreg.org account here. After you have created the account, Log in.
  2. Once you have logged in, choose the event you wish to signup for here.
  3. Left-click to Select the seat (or seats) you wish to purchase.
  4. In the upper right hand corner of the seating chart, purchase your tickets through PayPal.
  5. Once PayPal sends the information to LANreg servers, your seat(s) will be marked paid.
  6. If you buy more than one seat, please ensure you do this with all tickets.
  7. If you have questions, please contact us.

What do I get with my ticket?

  • Raffle tickets for last day raffle
  • Badge and entry for duration of event
  • Enter as many contests and tournaments as you like
  • Monster Energy & Bawls drinks (First come, first serve)
  • 50/50 Internet connection

Additional Information: