What are Group Seats?

  • “Group Seats” were started as a way for people with 12 or more people to sit with one another. Group seats come with no perks and cost the same as a regular ticket. The one advantage that group seats have is that they are seated first. 

How do I become a captain of a group?

  • Find 12 or more people who want to come to the next PDXLAN and contact us here at least 4 weeks prior to registration going live.

When will ticket prices be announced?

  • Two weeks prior to registration going live to the public

What does a Group Captain have to do?

  1. Collect the money for their group
  2. Collect the LAN Reg email address for each members account in their group
  3. Pay for the tickets at least 2 hours prior to registration going live to the public
  4. Transfer each ticket to each members account when registration goes live.
  5. Ensure that no member of your group has a (num) next to their name in LanReg. See good/bad example below. If a person has more than on ticket in their name, send them here.

How does it work?

  1. Two weeks prior to the event registration we will begin emailing group leaders that contacted us via email We will begin filling the LAN. Your group leader will be contacted when it is their turn to select seats.

  2. When your group gets to book group seats, your group captain will be sent a group link to register and pay for the seats. The group leader will need to transfer each seat to the LANREG account of the person sitting in the seat at registration going live to the public. This is a requirement in order to keep your seats.