Time for Parking information, the routes to the venue, equipment drop off, and ADA parking. Parking passes can be picked up at registration or the help desk. Check out the map in this article to be amazed by our MS Paint Skills. 

  • Route 1: Park & then cart your gear. Take blue route in, park with Rex the parking lot dinosaur, and walk along the green line. This route looks further than it is, and if you have a wagon / cart, you’ll save yourself the headache of yellow route.

  • Route 2: Thursday 5pm-8pm only. Yellow route. To use this route you must have 2 people in your car, WITH BADGES. Enter at the Yellow dot in the NE portion of the map. Drive carefully along the yellow line while avoiding wandering zombie-like attendees. One person will hop out of the car and unload gear in front of Hall A. After unloading, the driver will continue along the yellow line to the red dot, and exit to the parking lot. They will then walk in along the green line. Please note, gates for the yellow lot will be locked after 8PM on the first night. Please do not come in where the red dot is. (This is where you came in last fall) – That is now the exit. 

  • ADA Parking: Marked as a red box on the map, head towards the purple parking lot using blue route, and drive your car along the green line and park where noted. Only Fair ground employees & people displaying ADA placard / plates will be allowed to park here. Note, even in the ADA area parking passes are still needed. You may drop off near the front doors of Hall A – but two people are still required to be with the car, and the driver must park where the red ADA box is after unloading.

    Questions? Hit us up in the Staff #helpdesk Discord channel or in the forums.