Greetings everyone!

PDXLAN is currently planned to happen this November 11th – 14th! (Woot!)

With COVID restrictions beginning to ease, that’s the plan unless something goes wrong, and we end up with a 4th wave that shuts things down again. Most announcements (Tournaments, Contests, Prizing) regarding this event will not begin until September at minimum. Website also will be out of date until then as well.

In some good / bad news – We sold 1,000 tickets and in Fall events we only typically have Hall A – which isn’t quite big enough for 1,000. I’ve upgraded the Fall event to Hall C to make sure we aren’t cramped. At this time, I expect to put a larger distance between rows (15′ instead of 10′). I won’t be modifying the seating layout otherwise – tables will still be 6 foot split between two seats. Expect another 1,000 person event in Spring of 2022 as well. (Dates TBA)

As for COVID Protocols : No decisions on this need to be made at this time – we will have a better idea of what the new normal is by September, and we can make better decisions based on better data than we have now.

Tickets: LanReg for the event has been updated to reflect Fall being the Next event. Ticket transfer deadlines are written there. Anyone who can not make it, you can sell/buy your ticket on the PDXLAN Marketplace on Facebook, or in the newly created #ticket_exchange channel on the Discord. There are people already looking for tickets. If you’d like a ticket, be sure to post in one of those places.

Questions about the event: Keep asking in the #event-questions Thanks all for your patience the past year, I am very much looking forward to seeing you all again!

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– Matt