PDXLAN Waiver Download link PDXLAN Rules:
  1. No smoking/vaping inside the venue.
  2. Alcohol, Marijuana, and illicit drugs are not permitted at PDXLAN or on the venue premises.
  3. “No weapons or firearms are allowed inside the event area or on the venue premises. This includes conceal carry.
  4. No refunds will be given after you have paid.
  5. You must register onsite before bringing your equipment in.
  6. Photo ID is required to claim badge for those above 15 years old.
  7. Minors under 18 are required to attend with a legal guardian.
  8. Your gaming equipment must fit in your allotted space.
  9. Standard seat power consumption limited to 3.3 Amps
  10. Dual seat power restrictions here.
  11. Larger LCD’s are allowed, but must fit in your space with your computer and not exceed power limit.
  12. No cheating in games / contests.
  13. Children 12 & under must have prior permission from PDXLAN organizers to attend, and be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  14. Each attendee must sign a waiver to attend.
  15. No intentional network disruption will be tolerated.
  16. Any kind of intrusion to another computer without permission is not allowed.
  17. Torrenting of any kind is not allowed.
  18. Do not move or tamper with or harm other people’s equipment.
  19. Refrain from excessive foul language.
  20. Refrain from excessive yelling.
  21. No outside food or beverage while concessions window open. No outside coffee while coffee stand is open.
  22. You are required to use your own, or a friends surge suppressor.
  23. Overnight sleeping in the event is not permitted.
  24. Shower daily, smell good, and brush your teeth.
  25. Put your trash in trash cans daily. Keep your area clean.
  26. Pornography is not allowed to be viewed on screen, or shared on the network.
  27. Guests/Visitors are not permitted inside PDXLAN outside guest hours. Guest hours vary from event to event.
  28. No hardware may leave the main event room between 3AM and 9AM daily.
  29. No entry to the event between the hours of 3AM and 9AM.
  30. Do not bring: Personal mini fridges, ice chests, speakers, routers.
  31. Sexual harassment will not be tolerated in any form.
  32. Companies / Attendees may not distribute, sell, or pre-sell items at/for PDXLAN unless permitted by the event owner.
  33. You may not vend or advertise inside PDXLAN unless you are a sponsor of the event.
  34. PDXLAN Event Organizers always have final say. Respect them, they are balancing everyone’s expectations, not just your own.
 Last PDXLAN rules update, Feb 19th 2019 by Vector, changes in italics.