Is PDXAGE only 1 day?
Yes. Due to severe illness among the main organizer, we have scaled this years event back to just one day with less formal organization. PDXAGE 2023 is meant to be a place to come for the day and play your heart out with friends, and meet new friends with similar game preferences.
PDXAGE 2024 will return to a full event!

Can I bring my own food?
YES! You may bring in your own meals and snacks. The event center does not allow food delivery services, so please plan ahead. In addition, Ice-Chest coolers are not allowed.

The event is on April Fools day. Is this event a joke?
No, this 1-Day event is very real. We hope you have a great time.

What food / drink options will be available at the event?
The event center has a cold-water bottle filler (Bring your own screw top bottle) and Monster Energy drink is a sponsor and provides FREE energy drinks. Lastly, there are concessions that serve small meals & snacks and specialty drinks like coffee / smoothies.

Do I have to purchase a parking pass?
If you bring a car, yes. Each car only needs one parking pass per car, so be sure to commute with friends to save money on this.

Can I sign up in advance for games?
Normal events yes. For this event we are letting it be an open game day and not doing formal organization of game times.

Can I purchase a ticket at the door?
Yes, more ticket information can be found here.

Are there any Mass Transit options?
Unfortunately not.

What does PDXAGE mean? Why is it “PDX” if not in Portland?
PDXAGE originally meant “Portland Analog Gaming Event”. Since PDXAGE’s hiatus for a few years our sister event (PDXLAN) moved to a larger venue, and is allowing us to use some space for table-top gaming! Whoo hoo! We’re keeping the name. <3

Can I see past PDXAGE event books?
Yes. Here is a link.

Have a question not listed?
– Contact us via Discord or Facebook and we’d be happy to answer it.