Rules / Policy

General Behavior
All attendees are expected to be respectful of others and their property at the event. Harassment of any type will not be tolerated. Please be mindful of how your actions and play style may impact those around you. We want everyone to have the chance to enjoy the event.

Play Tables
The event will have different kinds of game tables available for various activities. A portion of tables are open for freeplay (freeplay tables), meaning if it is open you are welcome to sit down and play a game with whomever wants to join in. There will also be tables that are set aside for scheduled events (scheduled tables). When scheduled tables are not in use, they are available for freeplay. Please pay attention to the table’s schedule attached to the scheduled table. Those games will take precedence and you may have to move if you are sitting at a table about start an event.

Attire / Costumes
This is a family friendly event, please wear clothing appropriate to this environment. If you chose to wear a costume the same guidelines applies. If you outfit is not appropriate an admin may ask you to leave the event until you can remedy the concern. If you costume includes a weapon, it must be clearly identifiable as not real.

Children / Minors
Children under the age of 5 years old may attend free with their parents. However, they are not eligible to participate in AGE events or raffles. Children 5 – 10 years old may purchase a badge and attend the event with their parents, but must be actively supervised at all times. Children between 11-17 years old may purchase a badge and attend the event with any adult.

Smoking and/or vaping is not allowed in the event. Smoking and vaping are only permitted outside in designated smoking areas as noted by ash trays/cigarette disposal containers. Please keep in mind that you must be at least 25 feet or more from a building entrance.

Alcohol / Drugs
Alcohol, marijuana, and illegal drugs are not permitted on the entire Clark County Fairgrounds property. If you come into the event clearly under the influence, you may be asked to leave until you are sober. Please respect our venue location and use all substance off property.

Weapons of any kind are not permitted inside of the AGE event. If you are wearing a costume that includes a weapon, it must clearly look unreal.

LAN Computers
PDXAGE takes place concurrently with PDXLAN, a “Bring your own computer” LAN Party. Please do not touch any of the personally owned systems in the room. Please only use the free-play PCs in the provided area.