About us

PDXAGE is a table-top gaming event located just outside of Portland, Oregon. Hundreds of tabletop gamers from all over the Pacific Northwest come to play tabletop games while meeting friends A typical PDXAGE event is four days long, hosts multiple game contests, other analog contests, and a massive “Learn and Win” section where gamers can try new games to win prizes. For the 2023 event we have scaled it back to just one day, April 1st 2023 due to a family illness.

PDXAGE is a not-for-profit organization and was established in 2014. From 2014 – 2017, PDXAGE hosted events and grew to over 500 tabletop gamers. PDXAGE is also part of a sister-event (PDXLAN), one of the largest PC-Gaming events in North America, raising over $1,100,000 for charity since its start in 2003.

Mission / Core Values

The PDXAGE mission is to focus on community building through common interest.

Our core values are:
Community – We are laser focused on fostering community among gamers.
Inclusivity – We actively promote an environment where everyone is welcome.
Respect – We aspire to be a community where everyone is treated kindly.
Giving – We believe in doing good in the world through charitable giving.

Next Event

The next PDXAGE event will be April 1st 2023
Tickets can be purchased at the door for $20

More Information

Please check out all of the menu links at the top of the page for even more information about PDXAGE. If you still have questions, please ask in our official Discord server or in our PDXAGE Discussion Group on Facebook. If you would like to contact the event organizers, please see the contact us page.