PDXLAN’s Guest Policy:

  • Guests will be allowed in only on Saturday only, in accordance with the rules listed below.
  • Guests must be signed in at the security desk by an attendee and escorted by the attendee at all times.
  • Guests must sign out with their escort when they leave.
  • Only 1 adult guest per attendee may be in the room at a time.
  • Guests under 18 must also be accompanied with their legal guardian.
  • Guests may not participate in PDXLAN contests.
  • Guests MAY participate in Presentations, and if selected by a sponsor, can win a prize.
  • Guests must leave by 8PM.
  • Guests may not have Monster Drinks, but can buy from concessions.
  • Guests may not bring a Console, Desktop or Laptop system to play on.

Ticketed LAN Attendees:

  • You are responsible for your guest observing all PDXLAN rules.
  • You are responsible for staying with your guest at all times.
  • If your guest needs to use the restroom, you are responsible for remaining at least outside the restroom to wait for them.
  • Instruct your guests to respect other attendees and computers.
  • Please keep guests from blocking aisle traffic.
  • Please instruct your guests not to take from the Monster bin
  • Guests must always have an attendee with them.