2018 Challenge Coin

Challenge Coin Honor Recipients

In 2018 PDXLAN celebrated it’s 15 year anniversary. Over the years PDXLAN has hosted 50+ events, raised more than $500,000 in charity donations, and become a community that outshines any other gaming community on the planet when it comes to respect, inclusion, and generosity. One hundred coins were minted with unique numbers to mark this occasion. 

PDXLAN didn’t get where it is without the help of key individuals who either championed PDXLAN to their co-workers, thought of PDXLAN attendees first, or made sure PDXLAN was an event that was supported no matter what. These people are key route markers along the path to where PDXLAN is today. These people are who I credit as being influential to where we are today. These people are coins 1-50.

Coins 51-99 are being given to attendees & staff who have either:
1. Been a reflection of PDXLAN’s core values of Respect, Inclusion, and Generosity -or-
2. Been someone that could be relied on when tension is high, and the stress is real

In all there are only 100 of these special coins, each with it’s own unique number. These coins represent the highest and most sincere thanks I know how to give.

Matt Conwell
PDXLAN Founder

Thank you to… 

Name Why Number
Matt Conwell … to serve as a reminder of the community you started, and the good you’ve done with it since 001
Eric Chen … for being a friend, for your support, and for being an example to me 002
Tom Peterson … for thinking of ways to involve PDXLAN with a company we love, for being there for our community many times 003
Sheryl Huynh … for the memories we’ve shared through many events together, believing in me. You will always be “Aunt Sheryl” 004
Sam Mayo … for being a genuine friend, for your belief in what PDXLAN is doing, for the laughter and good times at dinners 005
Raymond Yuen … for thinking to give me something special, for the fun we’ve had at events 006
Sean Wix … for being someone who believes in PDXLAN, and works to support us. *NOT* for kicking the can in Boston 007
Romeo Lavarias … for supporting our Mod Contest and making it special to the modders 008
Andrew Coonrad … for being a genuine person, and a genuine friend over the years 009
Clay Causin … for your enthusiasm for PDXLAN and me & for licking my forehead and laughing hysterically 010
Nikki Forbes … for being an inspiration to me, for being a woman that kicks ass, for being a friend to Jessica and me 011
Shannon Robb … for your belief in me, support of PDXLAN, and for the genuine person you are 012
Jessica Conwell … for always believing in me, always listening to me when I’m down, and for putting out my fires 013
Joe Darwin … for your giving heart to help support our charities, for being a friend, and for the memories we share at a Denny’s in Texas with Phil. 014
Mary Phuong … for being a supporter of PDXLAN since nearly the beginning! 015
Bobby Miller … for being one of the most giving people to help support our charity drives with many games over the years 016
Greg Gervin … for supporting PDXLAN as much as you do, for always finding a way to help PDXLAN 017
Kyle McDaniel … for your support and hard work for PDXLAN since 2003, for the Internet support of many events 018
Andy Che … for the years of support of PDXLAN, for banging on cases and making me smile 019
David Chang … for thinking of Jessica and I often making us feel special, for your support of PDXLAN 020
Eugene Kuo … for your support of PDXLAN, for keeping PDXLAN in mind for new things,  for keeping Dave in line. 021
Mom & Dad … for giving me principals in life, for supporting me taking on any challenge 022
Leslie Pirritano … for being a person that inspires me, for your support, and for your friendship over the years 023
“Table 24” … for the love that you have shown staff at the events. (To be rotated between Domer, Edwin, Tyler, Victoria, John, and Ogre) 024
Jeremy Mortenson … for the support of our LAN, and the remembrance of a friend to both of us. ~R.I.P. Sam Harmer 025
Jay Chen … for being someone that supports our community, for being a genuine friend to Jess and me, and for being as inspiration to me 026
Michael Bartz … for supporting PDXLAN, for being a person who puts his all into what he is doing, for being a man that shows respect & courage 027
Heather Skinner … for your support over the years, and for inspiring me over the years as you’ve become stronger, and more kick ass than ever 028
Mark Tran  … for your support of PDXLAN over the years 029
Erik Cubbage … for supporting our LAN prizes, helping Jessica, myself, and the staff many times 030
“Willamette Valley Gamers” … for being such a generous group, for being a group with enthusiasm, for being my home LAN 031
“Skrub Quest” … for being the most enthusiastic group during the raffle, It helps me know this is all worth doing 032
Phil Scholz … for being the first to believe in PDXLAN, and for the joy you brought our community ~ R.I.P. 033
GoD … for Murica, for being a group that shows enthusiasm, for being an example of a stellar group 034
Jeremy Burnett … for being someone I can bounce ideas off of, trust to give good advice, and being a friend the past 15 years 035
David Makin … for your constant support, the fun times, and the comedy you brought to everything 036
Clint Whiteside … for the work you put into making PDXLAN part of your life, even when it is so chaotic 037
Matthew Pietz … for always taking on extra stuff, and being one of the first to jump in and help. 038
Nathan Green … for taking on the role, and for putting in the work to make our projection systems cool 039
Alex Cautley … for making sure Jessica and I always have help loading, and unloading – it means a lot. 040
Josh Marsh … for always being first to help at the event after I’ve said “I need someone”, for having an exceptional judgement, for having such an amazing sense of responsibility 041
Joseph Falbey … for being a loyal friend whom I can count on when the stress of an event is real 042
Rod Rosenberg … for not only helping with mod contests, but helping new modders in our community 043
Richard Suroz … for your generosity and giving heart to others in the community 044
Brian Carter … for inspiring modding in our community for 10 years, and being one of the most humble people I know 045
Bob Stewart … for always taking the time to help others with modding in the community 046
Ron Lee Christianson … for inspiring our community by making our jaw drop at many mod paint jobs 047
Nick Montrond … for being the herder of staff for me so many times, it meant a lot 048
Kat Silberstein
… for sponsoring PDXLAN no matter what company you work for 049
Michael Grey … for being one of the first PDXLAN sponsors, and hooking up staff with amazing backpacks. 050
Dusty Cline … for stepping in to help us at the last minute many times, for being a human shield at events 051
Richard Heiner … for the laughter and good times, for being a human shield at events 052
Jeremy Birtola … for your giving heart to others, for your support, and for the Arnold Palmer 053
Desiree Rosenberg … for keeping Jessica company, for being someone who doesn’t take poop from anyone, for believing in Jessica & me. 054
Lost Coin … Lost in mail. Coin down! 055
Norm and Alene Davis … for being good friends we can trust with anything, for your support, for the laughter 056
Chris Tsuneta … for your giving heart, for your support 057
Puget Systems … for your support over the years, and for the awesome things you brought 058
Lori and Anthony … for always asking me how I am doing, for being friends outside of the LAN, for the camping and good times 059
Kurt Schuff … for always lending an ear to me, giving advice, and making graphics for PDXLAN 061
Scott Schuff … for being an uplifting person, and a role model to both Jessica and me for over a decade 062
Robin Kruse … for volunteering your self for pre-event workouts, to date the only attendee who ever has 063
Mike Nelson … for the help you give Jessica before the event, for the help you provide during the event with Monster 064
Michael Wells … for the personal kindness your family has shown to Jessica and I, for your amazing cooking 065
Jeff Hall … for your excitement, kind words, and support 066
John Motter … for your support despite a rocky road, for your friendship 067
Ian Rodriguez … for listening to me vent, for challenging me, for being a friend 068
Matt “Jeep” Brown … for being so welcoming and helpful to new attendees, and for making us all laugh ~ R.I.P. 069
Paige Jones … for her $1,000 donation at PDXLAN Spring 2019 075
Ken Han Liang … for his donation at PDXLAN Spring 2019 076
Matthew Bourgoine … for his donation at PDXLAN Spring 2019 077
Johnny Johnson … for kicking ass together, for your support, and the laughter 078
Ksenia Cypert … for your kind personality, and warm heart 079
Michael Cutler … for your support of the staff with treats, for your generous heart 080
Sam Mills … for the years of support and counsel you’ve given to me and the LAN 081
Nick Lancaster … for your continued support of our event as one of the longest running attendees 082
Dante Mutti … for the time you brought Jessica and I something for the Holidays, it meant a lot 083
Robert Crisan … for being an amazing staff member, and for everything you helped with 086
Ben Cook … for your counsel over the years, for your support 087
Cameron Atchley … for being staff for over a decade, for your constant support 088
Ben White … for stepping to help with the forums, for being staff 089
Matt Reiter … for always helping with setup, for being staff 090
Scott Rokus … for helping with tournaments, for being staff 091
Doug Studenny … for always helping with setup, for being staff, and for banana bread 092
Jensen Huang … for your support of us, and the impact NVIDIA has had on what PDXLAN has become 093
Josh Taylor … for your willingness to always step in and help, for being staff 094
Casey Gray … for taking time away from your family to help staff the events 095
Nick Accuardi … for being very helpful, for being staff, and for bringing Tris 096
Tristin Accuardi … for being Demented’s backup, the Dutch, and for keeping the guys on staff in line. 097
Josh Kociemba … for helping staff the events, and for the time you spend away from your newborn 098
Matt Boulant … for stepping up to help where needed, for making Jenga, and for being staff 099
PDXLAN … The “PDXLAN Coin” ~ hangs in the office to remind us all of the friends we’ve met at the LAN, all the memories we’ve shared together, and all the laughter that PDXLAN has brought. 100

A bold number designates a number chosen deliberately
011 ~ The year we kicked ass on a ship
013 ~ Because that’s Jessica’s number
018 ~ Because he does what he wants
022 ~ The day their son was born, his favorite number
024 ~ “Table 24 for life”
033 ~ Phil Scholz Jersey Number
035 ~ His favorite number, and football Jersey number
042 ~ Because I’ve known Joe long enough to know he thinks he knows the answer to everything, just like me.
068 ~ So you can always be next to Jeep
069 ~ Because Jeep would have giggled at the number
081 ~ The only person other than Vector, to choose their own number.
093 ~ The year NVIDIA was founded