Frequently Asked Questions

What is the airspeed velocity of a swallow?

How much power am I allotted?

– Attendee seats are allotted 3.75 amps each.
– As a general rule, most single GPU systems, non overclocked parts, are below 3.75amps
– If you don’t know how much power your computer uses, check out a product called a “kill-o-watt” on Amazon
– To stress test your power draw, fire up a game or benchmark software to see what your max load is using a Kill-o-watt.

If the circuit your computer is on  trips during the event, staff will be looking at system-specs to determine resolution / offenders. 

What software / things are not allowed?

PDXLAN does not allow any type of torrenting application. This doesn’t just apply to torrenting illegally, but also to game and software applications that use your internet connection to help distribute files. Some games such as League of Legends, World of Tanks, Blizzard games have this option. Please disable it before you come or you may be blocked. if you are blocked, see the Help Desk to help you out.

PDXLAN also does not allow any type of Network applications intended to disrupt the PDXLAN network, or attempt to steal user information. You will be ejected from the event when caught. 

See PDXLAN Rules for more information

Can I bring a guest / spouse / child / friend who doesn’t have a BYOC ticket?

You can find our Guest Policy here.

What Tournaments will be played?

Generally we update our tournament info about 1-2 months prior to the event here.

May I sleep in my vehicle?

We ask that you do not sleep in your vehicle. RV’s are not permitted overnight in the parking lot.

Where is the event located?

Our venue page has all that information.

Can I bring (Insert Network hardware here)?

PDXLAN does not allow any external networking devices such as routers, WiFi broadcasters, etc.

Is there a room block / hotel for the event?

PDXLAN does have a small block of rooms at the Holiday Inn Express. The PDXLAN staff also stays at this location. There is a Pool, Spa, Breakfast Buffet with room, and friendly customer service.

If you do call them for a room, be sure to ask if there is room in the PDXLAN room block.

Our accommodations page also has more choices available.

What food options are nearby?

PDXLAN recommends the on site concession stand when open. There are also nearby options Here

How do I purchase seats for a group?

Please check out our Group Seats page.

May I bring speakers?

External speakers or monitor/tv speakers are not permitted. Please use a headset.

What are the BYOC hours?

PDXLAN opens at 6PM the first day, and closes at 6PM the last day. Times in between are 9AM opening and 3AM closing.

How do I purchase a ticket?

Check out our ticket page for instructions.

Event BYOC Tickets are announced about 6 months in advance.
If the event is in the above page header, the day registration is set to go live is listed.
Dates for announced future events are on the bottom of the home page.

Are there age restrictions?

Children under 5 years old are not permitted.
Please check out the
minor policy  for more details, and after that, buy a ticket. Children must have a ticket in order to attend.

What is a BYOC Lan party?

A BYOC LAN party is where all attendees bring their PC, monitor, keyboard, headset, mouse, mouse pad to a location to play video games with one another.

What do I do if a prize becomes, or is non-functional?

First, we apologize that your prize either broke or is non-functional.

We’d love to help you, but the prizes given to PDXLAN are given to us by the representatives of the company and they do not give us a receipt of any kind. Your best bet is to let them know during the RMA process that this prize was given to you at PDXLAN by the “COMPANY NAME HERE” marketing team.

Please remember to act professional and courteous in your interactions with companies as you are a reflection of LAN attendees everywhere not just PDXLAN. Don’t threaten to be mean on social media and tell all your friends – just be nice. You’ll always get better service.

Keep in mind, in some cases you might not be able to get the item replaced / fixed. At that point, the product is “as is”.

What is provided / needed?

Each BYOC seat is provided a 3′ foot by 2.5′ foot table space, power, and an Ethernet jack on the table. BYOC attendees are encouraged to bring their own chair as PDXLAN only has folding chairs. BYOC attendees will also need to bring all of their power cables, surge protector, monitor, keyboard, computer, mouse, headphones, and mouse pad. 

Power: Attendees are allocated 1 plug into PDXLAN’s power. Attendees should use this plug for their surge protector, and then plug all equipment into surge protector.


See “What to Bring” for more details.

What kind of Ethernet cord should I bring?

You will need a 25′ foot Ethernet cord. Your switch will be 0 – 21 feet away from you, depending on your seat.

Will there be WiFi?

PDXLAN does not provide WiFi for attendees, however sometimes an unofficial Comcast one is put up. You should not count on there being WiFi for gaming at your computer. 

Can I bring my own food / drinks?

Yes, you can bring in food/drinks for yourself and a friend if the concessions window is not currently open. (Hours are posted on site at each event)

If the concessions window is open, personal food/drinks should be stored away in bins / backpacks.

This applies to coffee as well – if the coffee stand is open, you may not bring in your own coffee from Starbucks, Dutch Brothers, etc.

Please help remind your friends of these rules. The venue is being super nice to not blacklist everything, let’s work within their rules to ensure they don’t blacklist in the future.

Can I bring a UPS power supply?

Sorry, but PDXLAN does not allow UPS power supplies. If you are concerned about the safety of your hardware, please bring an adequate surge suppressor.

Can I bring more than one computer?

PDXLAN allows 1 device per seat due to power and network planning.

Note: You may not bring multiple devices and switch between them (Ie a console and a computer)

How much is parking?

Our Parking Information page will have that information.

What network / DNS settings should I be using?

Your computer should be set for a DHCP network, and DNS should be set to obtain automatically. Setting anything but those two settings will disrupt you from connecting to our network.

Is this a pretend question?

Yes. But the code-word should Vector ask is “Carmel-Popcorn”

Can I get a refund?

Sorry, we do not do refunds for any reason.

If you can not make it, you are welcome to sell your ticket in the ticket exchange channel on Discord or PDXLAN Facebook Marketplace.

What type of Monitor should I bring?

As a general rule, a 27″ or smaller LCDS is recommended. Larger LCD’s are allowed, but must fit in your space with your computer and not exceed your total power limit. Attendees are allowed 1 monitor per seat. 

Can I put my computer on the floor?

– Yes, you can put your tower on the floor but keep a few things in mind:
1. Your tower is not allowed in aisle-ways. It must be UNDER the table.
2. Please make sure it is safe for your tower. If it is not, don’t place it there.
3. Wherever you put your computer, you are responsible for making sure it is out of the way. (We’d hate someone to dent/scratch it or something because of them walking by not realizing it is on the floor)
4. We encourage you to keep your tower on the table for it’s safety. 

What kind of Internet connection is there?

PDXLAN is connected via a Comcast Business 10GB fiber service.

Each attendee get a portion of that depending on how much your tablemates are using. Generally we cap attendees at 250MB – if you are getting less than that, your table link is probably saturated. (1gb)

How do I get my BYOC badge?

Badges are claimed on site when you arrive.

Check out our On Site Registration page for information on that process.

**Please make sure your have verified your badge information at least two weeks prior to the event.** Instructions here.

What is PDXLAN?

PDXLAN is a mega PC Gaming event where PC gamers meet to socialize and play PC video games. 

– Massive BYOC LAN Party
– BYOC only Tournaments
– Fun, Non PC Contests
– Sponsor booths & representatives
– Table Top Gaming area

PDXLAN takes place 2 times per year. (Fall and Spring)

What games are played at PDXLAN?

PDXLAN attendees play past and present popular games, as well as some niche games. For a really good idea of what will be played, take a look at our Discord server’s voice channel headings. Also, don’t be shy about posting in #LetsPlay channel with the game you are looking to play with your seat number so people can find you.

When do I have to claim my badge?

You can claim your badge anytime before Sunday at 12:00PM. This means you can show up whenever you like, so long as it is before Sunday at 12:00PM