Ticket Transfers

How to transfer a ticket the right way

How to sell (Transfer) your ticket

Before you begin:
In order to transfer a ticket we recommend both people have an account at www.LANREG.org 
Having an account makes this process much easier. The person buying the ticket will need to provide the seller of the ticket with their LANREG account email address. 

Transferring a ticket:
After both people have a LANREG account, follow the instructions below: 

Person who owns the ticket and is transferring: 
1. Log into LANREG and navigate to the LAN Event where you own a ticket 
2. Left click on the seat you wish to transfer 
3. A screen will pop up, go to the “TRANSFER SEAT” field and type in the email of the person who purchased your seat. 
4. Click “Transfer to user” 

Person getting the transfer:
1. After the seller has transferred the ticket, log into LANREG. 
2. Navigate to the event for which you bought a ticket 
3. You should see your pink seat on the map if the seller did everything right. 
4. If you see your seat, left click on it, and verify the information on the ticket. 
5. If it is correct, you are good to go! 

While sellers *could* just edit the ticket to be the buyers information, more errors occur this way. In addition the person buying the ticket doesn’t actually “own” the ticket and it can be re-sold again and again. We highly recommend NOT doing it this way, and instead using the “Transfer Seat” feature. 

Remember, any transfer not done by the transfer deadline listed on the event is $25.00 at the door. 

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Remember tickets can only be sold for the price paid.