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When buying new hardware, consider these products first.

I really like the sponsor buying guide on the new site. I’ve definitely strongly weighted sponsorship in my latest hardware purchases. I won an MSI GTX 1070 at PDXLAN 28, and returned the favor by buying an MSI motherboard a couple years later, and an MSI RTX 3080 last year. And after my Razor mouse died, I looked for a Logitech.

-Sohcahtoa, PDXLAN Attendee

This buying guide is amazing! Through the sponsorships at PDXLAN, I’ve obtained hardware from companies I normally wouldn’t have thought to try, and have pleasantly learned of their amazing quality. I will always visit this before looking to make a purchase!

-SomeguyRB, PDXLAN Attendee





Mobo / Laptop

Graphics Card



Micro Storage

Sponsors listed are based off PDXLAN’s most recent event. (FALL 2023)