What is PDXLAN?

PDXLAN is a PC gaming event near Portland, Oregon. Over a thousand PC gamers from around North America unite together and bring their computers to play video games with one another for four days while raising money for charity. Our goals are best described in our tag line: “Have fun, Frag hard, Give back.”

PDXLAN events are four days long, host multiple in game contests, analog contests, BYOC tournaments, Sponsor presentations, and raffles.

PDXLAN hosts a Fall and Spring event each year.

A PDXLAN Event includes:

– BYOC LAN party
– Multiple sponsor booths
– PC-Tournaments
– PC-Contests
– Analog Contests
– Attendee Raffle
– Charity Raffle
– Over $100,000 in prizes
– Tons of free MONSTER Energy Drinks!

Attendee Quotes:

There’s not only a sense of community, but also a sense of family.

~Heath C.

I feel this is the safest gaming community where I don’t have to deal with harassment or toxic behavior.

~Tessa M.

The community is not only generous with the charities, but with each other. They are always willing to help others.

~Michael W.

PDXLAN defines “Community” better than any other real world community I’ve been in. People help each other, support each other, and when they can, they give back.

~Joe S.

When I went to my first event I didn’t have anyone else to game with. I really needed a space to unwind. After I arrived I reached out and it wasn’t even the end of the 1st day I had an entire group to play with.

~Zack R.

More Info:

In addition to four days of gaming, PDXLAN is also home to some of the best computer modders on the planet. 

The PC-Modders at PDXLAN regularly push the limit of case modding building the most spectacular PC’s in North America.

PDXLAN has been producing events since 2003 and it’s community has raised over $1,000,000 for charity since 2011.

PDXLAN hosts an active Discord Community for our gamers between events to chat about hardware, games, events, buy/sell hardware, etc.

If you have a question about the event or where to find particular information be sure to ask in the #EventQuestions channel. You’ll likely have an answer the same day.

Upcoming Events


March 24th - 27th

 November 10th - 13th 

Fall 2022 COVID Policy


March 30th - Apr 2nd*

November  9th - 12th



April 2024 (TBA)

November 7th - 10th



Ready to join in on the fun?

Registration is on a first come first served basis.