Arriving at PDXLAN / What to expect

…pst don’t forget your waiver


When you arrive at the event:

Depending on when you arrive ( Before 6 PM or After 6PM ) This process can be a little different.

If you arrive before 6 PM, you can take part in “Pre-Registration” which happens from 5PM to 6PM the first night.  At Pre-Registration you’ll turn in your waiver, claim your badge, and buy parking if needed. You’ll then wait until 6PM for the side doors to open, and you bring in your gear. The advantage to this is that you can get in the LAN via side doors right when it opens at 6PM.

If you arrive after 6PM, you first need to claim your badge and purchase parking at the registration counter PRIOR to bringing your gear, or entering the LAN area.

From 6PM-8PM, and after you have your badge you’ll be able to enter the LAN area via the open side door. After this time the only entrance / exit is the lobby. 


What you need at Registration:

  •  A form of ID.
  •  Your waiver, already filled out.
  •  Cash for parking permit

Do not bring to Registration:

  •  Your gear
  •  Your chair
  •  Carts / large items


  • The largest cause for delay at registration is generally caused by attendees not having their waiver filled out and signed before trying to claim their badge. Have yours done before getting in line for your badge.