PDXLAN tag line: “Have fun. Frag hard. Give back.”


PDXLAN was founded in 2002 with its inaugural event taking place in July 2003 by a group of dedicated PC gamers looking to create a large-scale LAN party in the Portland, Oregon area. Over the years, PDXLAN has grown into not only an event, but a community of passionate gamers who have collectively raised over one million dollars for various local and national charities.

The PDXLAN community is composed of PC enthusiasts, renowned case modders, and casual gamers who all share a passion for playing together and having fun.

Each PDXLAN event includes three key components: contests, tournaments, and charity. The events typically feature giveaways of over $100,000 in PC hardware prizes.


PDXLAN Core Values

Community – Building a sense of community among gamers is at the heart of what PDXLAN is all about.

Inclusivity – PDXLAN is committed to creating an environment where everyone is welcomed and valued.

Respect – PDXLAN aims to foster a community where all individuals are treated with respect and kindness.

Giving – Giving back to the community is a core principle of PDXLAN, through charitable donations and volunteer efforts.


PDXLAN Staff, 2019

Above: From Left to Right: BizSar, Wookie, JocBug, Omega, JuiceBox, Dink, Pietzaah, Vector, CreativeWan, Demented,
Marsbar, Spork, Payback, Mortenya, T.da, Aractor, Moogle, JetX, Raelins, Maloch, HotPocket.

The PDXLAN Staff

The PDXLAN staff aren’t just the most experienced LAN Staff in the world, they are all professionals that come together to volunteer their time to the event.  The staff works passionately to make each event better than the previous one.

Staff Management

Matt “Vector” Conwell – Sponsorships, Marketing, Event Organizer

Joseph “Payback” Falbey – Network Administrator

Jessica “Demented” Conwell – On site registration, Tracker of Matt

Past Events and Event Production

PDXLAN has hosted over 80 events since 2003. In addition, PDXLAN has been hired by NVIDIA, PC-Gamer, AMD, and Newegg to run world-class LAN Parties and Fan Day Celebrations around the United States.

Perhaps the most awesome LAN PDXLAN has produced took place on a decommissioned aircraft carrier in Oakland, CA. Over 650 attendees from North America came to celebrate NVIDIA and the launch of Battlefield.

GeForce LAN