Event Reminders

To make your LAN more enjoyable

Critical Reminders

COVID POLICY Information

Our Covid19 Policy can be found here.  

Important Reminders

Staying up to date with contests, tournaments, and announcements.

All tournaments and contests are linked on the Next Event page.
PDXLAN will heavily rely on the PDXLAN Discord Server for announcements. Please set your mobile device to notify you when an announcement is made in the announcements channel. If done properly you can receive important announcements anywhere you have your phone.

The PDXLAN schedule can be added to your iCal compatible device for event reminders and schedule changes.

Don't Forget your waiver

Prepare for temperature swings and plan in advance

DRESS IN LAYERS – The room can vary in temperature from location to location. There are cold areas, and warm areas, and that may shift when we turn on the HVAC to bring in fresh air. PREPARE Accordingly.

It is impossible to make everyone comfortable, so be prepared for both HOT and COLD.

General Reminders

Contacting the Help Desk

Whenever possible, please try and contact the help desk via Discord first. The Help Desk discord is the “event-questions” channel on the PDXLAN Discord server.

We are asking attendees to respect our staff by minimizing contact with the physcial help desk. Thank you. 

Donate to charity early! Transactions take time to clear.

Donate to charity early so that your donations count towards raffle tickets. Don’t wait until the last minute.

Outside food and beverages

Are 100% allowed, with the caveat no alcohol and no ice chests
No Deliveries allowed (UberEats, Dominos, DoorDash, etc)

Bring cash to pay for parking

Parking for the weekend is $20 per car. Bring cash to avoid ATM fees / if ATM is out of money. 

Food Delivery services are not allowed. But you can bring your own food.

Food delivery services are not allowed on fairgrounds property. 

You can bring in your own food.

Keep in mind:

No ice chests
No cooking equipment (Hot water makers, microwaves, hot pots, hot plates… etc)