Parking Information


Parking for each event varries, but will be either the purple or the blue lot indicated below. The Red lot is for ADA only (For ADA attendees with placard)

Most of the times you’ll be able to drive up to the doors of the event center.  The driving path inside the facilities gates is one way (Marked with yellow arrows below) Please use extreme caution as there may be other events using the area.

Parking costs $20 for the weekend, and can be purchased (Cash only) when you claim your badge. You’ll be given a color coded hang tag for your mirror / dash. Parking overnight is not permitted.

While unloading your car in front of the event center (Along the yellow lines), you may NOT leave your car unattended. Cars are not allowed to park in front of the venue with the engine off. It’s a fire lane. Plan to have someone stay with your unloaded gear while you park after unloading.