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At $100 billion, computer gaming is the world’s largest entertainment industry and NVIDIA GeForce is its largest platform. GeForce® GTX GPUs and the GeForce Experience™ application transform everyday PCs into powerful gaming machines. NVIDIA GeForce® GTX is the ultimate PC gaming experience. Truly game-changing performance. Innovative gaming technologies. Seamless, cinematic experiences in 4K, HDR, and beyond. 
As a proud supporter of the gaming community, Logitech G sponsors hardware enthusiasts that represent the ultimate commitment to their gaming experience. Embodying the practice, patience and sacrifice it takes to win, they’re living proof that with the right combination of talent and tenacity – greatness is within our grasp.
Origin is an online gaming, digital distribution and digital rights management (DRM) platform developed by Electronic Arts that allows users to purchase games on the internet for PC and mobile platforms, and download them with the Origin client.
Excellent performance starts with Intel Technology. With gaming, VR, and other demanding workloads, performance matters more than ever. Ensure high and consistent frame rates for an immersive gaming experience with the latest Intel® Core™ i7 processors. 
With Xfinity, Comcast delivers the best in TV, Internet, voice, mobile, and home management, all working together to give customers instant access to the things that matter most – anywhere, anytime.


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