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PDXLAN’s new website is live!

Published under: Event News
Written on August 19, 2021

Hello and welcome to our new website. We’ve completed the bulk of the work, so it has gone live a little early. Currently posts are auto-posting to Twitter and the Facebook Page. Discord coming soon™. 

To help you get aquainted with our new look we wanted to take a moments and share some highlights.

If you are a longtime attendee and know what PDXLAN is, set your bookmark to the News Page as that’s likely a reason you visit.

Next we’d like to highlight our information section. This is where you will find the bulk of the information you need as an attendee. 99% of this information does not change from event to event. Additionally we’ve taken our most common questions and added them to the FAQ which is also in the information section.

Lastly, you’ll see a menu link that says “Next Event” at the bottom of the information section.  This is where we will post information about the next event such as tournaments, contests, concessions hours, and other specific event related information.

We hope you enjoy our new site look!

Thanks for visiting!