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Splitgate: If Halo and Portal had a baby. And it’s free.

Published under: Event News | Staff Blog
Written on August 28, 2021

Yesterday the PDXLAN Staff learned about Splitgate – a FREE game on Steam that is a fast paced shooter with portals. Snipe friends through portals, surprise people from above, below, or sideways – this game is a ton of fun.

New PDXLAN Staff member ACOD wasted no time in telling the PDXLAN Staff about this game, and in just 8 hours had many of us in a server killing foes for hours.

A ton of great modes come with Splitgate, Team Death Match, Gun Game, VIP, Instagib, Team snipers, and more. The game also allows for custom matches with friends in a ranked or unranked fashion.

With PDXLAN Fall 2021 coming up, you can be SURE this game is going to be played at PDXLAN, possibly even as a tournament or contest! Give it a download and try it out.

The game uses cosmetics to fund itself, and offers no pay to win mechanics. You can download Splitgate for FREE on Steam here, and if you want to give ACOD some free coin for telling us about the game by using her referral code, BZFJMP