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PDXLAN Planning & Tickets for sell

Published under: Event News
Written on October 7, 2021

Greetings all!

PDXLAN is on track to host one of it’s largest events ever in just over 1 month. We’ve got sponsors lined up, tournaments being announced, and we’re going to have more than 12 fun PDXLAN-style contests to participate in at the event. The prizes have started to be shipped, and over 40 gallons of hand sanitizer ordered. Special super-secret things from sponsors are being planned.


Because of the pandemic, there are more tickets available second hand if you or a friend is interested in coming. Currently about 40 tickets are for sale from people who can’t make it, perhaps don’t like the mask policy, or aren’t yet feeling like travel.


As a personal favor to me and your fellow attendees, please let your friends know that they can still come to PDXLAN. It’s been TWO YEARS since we’ve been able to LAN, it’s time to cut loose and see one another again! (safely of course!)

If you know someone looking for a ticket to PDXLAN, have them stop by either the PDXLAN Marketplace on Facebook or Discord. Often there are some individuals selling tickets for less than retail – let’s help them find a home for their ticket. We would really appreciate your efforts in helping us with this.

Thanks for your time,

– Matt / Vector