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EK to sponsor PDXLAN Fall 21′!

Published under: Event News
Written on November 5, 2021

We are less than ONE WEEK from PDXLAN’s first event in over two years! We’re excited to be sharing that with EK!

If you don’t know, EK makes PC Cooling the coolest ever with waterblock solutions for all the greatest GPU’s and CPU’s. EK is used by a ton of professional modders, and more than likely you’ve see EK watercooling products if you have ever seen the mods at PDXLAN. (Be sure to visit this post on our website, awesome mod pics!)

This event EK will be sponsoring the Case Mod Contest along with NVIDIA, providing over 100 official PDXLAN Fall 21 shirts, and prizes for the raffle! Find “Kat” on the PDXLAN floor and thank her personally as she will be there in person!

Thanks for sponsoring EK! We love you!