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COVID Policy Updates (Spring 2022 / Fall 2022 / Beyond)

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Written on February 24, 2022

I’d like to personally thank everyone who has stayed with us through the ups and downs of COVID-19. The support that you have shown to PDXLAN has been unbelievable. While things are looking better now – we don’t know what we will have to adapt for in the future, so I thought I’d share my thoughts on what our future looks like at PDXLAN for the events we have planned.

For PDXLAN Spring 2022, we will be sticking with the policy under which we sold tickets to attendees. (Vaccinations and Masks) We feel it important to keep the product what was promised and not alter it for the people who have already purchased tickets under that product description. That’s the reason we are keeping it in place: Because that is what we said it would be. We strongly believe in keeping our promises whenever possible.

For PDXLAN Fall 2022, we learned two lessons these past few months. The first lesson is that vaccinated and un-vaccinated don’t really matter. Each group has the potential to get sick or be sick. In that regard requiring vaccines for events isn’t our path forward unless required by law. The second lesson is not to commit to something that might change. (i.e., Washington Mask Mandates) We learned that rules and laws can change despite our best efforts to predict them. That said, the masking policy for the Fall 2022 event will now be 100% in alignment with Washington State Law / Federal Law. If the state has a mask requirement, we do too. If the state doesn’t, we don’t. Individuals can choose to wear a mask still if they want. I know I would for 95% of the event. TLDR; Fall 2022 is Vaccine or Negative Result, and Masks if required by law.

For 2023 and beyond: PDXLAN wants to grow again. We’ll adjust to the pandemic / endemic as it changes. We’ll do our best to always announce the policy for the next event before tickets go on sale, while also doing our best to stay safe.

I hope this information has helped you understand where our mindset is, and what we are hoping for the future. Please reach out in Discord (#event-questions channel) if you have questions. If you want to join in the discussion, hit us up in #general. I’ll work on updating the COVID policy on the website soon.

Thanks for your time,

Matt “Vector” Conwell