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Thank you for another great event!

Published under: Event News
Written on March 30, 2022

I would like to thank everyone for another great event!

This event we talked about “The special sauce that is PDXLAN” and we identified that it is the community that makes PDXLAN what it is. It’s not the size of our event, it’s not eSports, it’s not that we are another LAN – it is that we are an inviting and friendly community. Community, Inclusivity, and respect are PDXLAN’s tenants – and it shows! 

Thank you to the attendees who choose to be part of our community. It is your excitement for the event that keeps me coming back to do it. It’s the giving you do for charity, it is the friendliness you show to one another and to our staff. Thank you to the 280 of you who donated to charity at this event! You raised over $44,000!!

Sponsors – thank you for believing in us and in our mission. Your prize contributions help make the event a success by driving attendance and charitable giving. Most, if not all of our sponsors believe that PDXLAN is a unique event filled with the best community of gamers they’ve ever seen. Of the sponsors that attend, most look forward to coming because of the community the attendees show them. 

I’d like to thank my staff at PDXLAN – who are 100% volunteers – for working so hard at this event. I plan my heart out for 4-5 months, and in that last week before and during the event – you work so hard to make it all happen. You take time away from your jobs, families, and hobbies to help make PDXLAN what it is. I also want to thank you for your donations – nearly 25% of the amount given to charity was from the PDXLAN staff!

Lastly I’d like to thank Jessica (Demented) for not only being staff, but for being such an influence to the “soul” of PDXLAN. Her heart and vision of how people should treat one another in the world helps guide me to making that a reality for PDXLAN’s community. 

The biggest compliment I am given after an event is how fast the next event sells tickets. To me that is happiness with the product I am selling – and WOW are you guys buying tickets for November fast! Thank you for your belief in PDXLAN and what it is doing. The Fall 2022 event is already at 82% capacity!

As always, please feel free to ask any event questions in the #event-questions channel of our Discord Server.

Thank you. Thank you all, 

Matt (Vector)