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PDXLAN Network Upgrade

Published under: Event News | Sponsor News
Written on February 14, 2023

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to peel your eyeballs off your screens, because PDXLAN has some exciting news for you! We’ve just upgraded our network capabilities in time for PDXLAN Lanniversary, and let me tell you, it’s hotter than a chipotle pepper!

Previously, each table switch of 24 users was tied back to the network core with a measly 1 gig Cat5e cable. I mean, come on, that’s like trying to run a marathon in high heels! But fear not, because Comcast Business has come to our rescue and upgraded all those wimpy lines to a 10 gig fiber cable to each table switch! Now we’re talking!

So what does this mean for you? Well, before the upgrade, a table switch could only transfer at 1gb/s to the internet. That’s slower than a snail on a salt lick! But now, each table switch can transfer up to a blazing-fast 10gb/s to the internet, which means up to 10 people can pull at 1gb/s each! That’s like having a herd of cheetahs racing through the internet!

And if you’re one of those folks who still likes to share files (you know who you are), this upgrade will make your day! Of course, you might still hit a bottleneck if your drives are slower than a three-toed sloth, but hey, we can’t fix everything!

Now, we’ll be rolling out this new network at PDXLAN Lanniversary, but hold onto your hats, because we’ll be putting some guardrails on at first. We need to make sure this upgrade doesn’t hammer the internet too hard. We’ll be toying with user rate limiting to keep things under control.

Please, please, please be careful with the fiber coming out of your table switch. It’s delicate, like a newborn baby bird, so don’t squish it, or bend it, or let your cat5 ends catch on it and just pull. Fiber is not cheap, and its ability to become a mainstay at PDXLAN will depend on how well it’s treated by you, the end-users. So, let’s all raise a glass to faster internet and take good care of that fiber! Cheers!