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Quake Tournament will be Quake Live ($2.99 on steam now!)

Published under: Event News
Written on March 17, 2023

At PDXLAN 1 back in 2003 we hosted a Quake 3 Arena tournament. We wanted to remain true to that but after much tinkering, we find it is best for the tournament game play and server stability to change this to Quake Live.   

We wanted to remain true to the original, and we did not make this decision lightly, but it really does help solve a lot of things. 

Now, in order to stay true to our word (It’s important to us) we will still 100% sponsor a quake 3 Arena tournament if there are at least 16 players that want to play it at the event, but it will need to be attendee managed and run. (Come see Vector when you have 16 signed up)

Now, for theQuake Live tournament, if you don’t own this game, the steam sales has it for $2.99 right now! Go grab it and seriously update the in game graphics over the original Q3. 

See you all at the LAN!