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Viper Gaming is sponsoring PDXLAN!

Published under: Event News | Sponsor News
Written on March 17, 2023

PDXLAN is excited to announce that Viper Gaming will be sponsoring PDXLAN’s 20th LANIVERSARY event!

This spring, 950 gamers will meet at a fairgrounds just north of Portland Oregon to play PC games, Tournaments, and fun contests for four days. Viper Gaming has sent along some amazing prizes for us to use in the charity raffle, contests, and tournaments!

What are they sending? Check out the list! Viper Gaming is sending these awesome prizes:

– 2x 1TB VP4300 (Very fast PCIe 4 SSD)
– 2x 1TB VPR400 (RGB M.2)
– 3x 512GB VPR400 (RGB M.2)
– 3x DDR5 6200MHz kits
– 3x DDR5 6000MHz kits
– 5x V380 RGB headset
– 5x V770 RGB Keyboard
– 5x V570 Blackout Gaming Mouse
– 5x RGB hard mousepad

Huge thanks to Viper Gaming (by Patriot) for sponsoring such amazing prizes!