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PDXLAN Fall 2021 – A digital option.

Greetings everyone! I wanted to take a moment and let you know about something going on behind the scenes. We've been attempting to figure out a way for attendees to digitally participate in PDXLAN Fall 2021 (as a last resort / medical exemptions) for a few weeks now....

Forge Allaince Forever Tournament

PDXLAN is announcing that Supreme Commander Forged Alliance Forever will be a 1 vs 1 tournament at Fall 2021!      

PDXLAN Planning & Tickets for sell

Greetings all! PDXLAN is on track to host one of it's largest events ever in just over 1 month. We've got sponsors lined up, tournaments being announced, and we're going to have more than 12 fun PDXLAN-style contests to participate in at the event. The prizes have...

Setup Volunteers Needed!

Are you interested in helping set up PDXLAN Fall 2021? We will need about 10-12 people Wednesday November 10th from 10AM - 3pm to help lay network cables, post signs, and do general organizing. If you are interested, please sign up here.

ZOTAC to sponsor PDXLAN!

It's with great pleasure PDXLAN announces ZOTAC will be sponsoring PDXLAN Fall 2021!  ZOTAC, a long-time PDXLAN sponsor, has been sponsoring PDXLAN for over 10 years! This event ZOTAC has a few surprises for attendees - A few MEK systems to give away!  Look for ZOTAC...

Pre-LAN Vaccine deadline approaches!

Greetings Community - As we approach PDXLAN (45 days away) I wanted to remind everyone who is not yet vaccinated that if you want to be fully vaccinated by the time PDXLAN rolls arround, you will need your final dose by October 29th. If you have not yet started your 2...

Mushkin to sponsor PDXLAN

PDXLAN is delighted to announce that Mushkin will be sponsoring PDXLAN with over $4,000 in hardware and swag! Mushkin makes Solid State Drives, and Flash Memory for SD Cards and USB drives. Mushkin will be our official lanyard sponsor as well as sponsoring a contest...

Please welcome first time sponsor, be quiet!

PDXLAN is excited to announce that we have a NEW sponsor, be quiet! If you are unfamilar with their brand, be quiet! is a premium brand of power supplies, PC cases, water and air cooling and fans for desktop PCs. be quiet! is sponsoring PDXLAN with over $4,000 in...

XPG to sponsor PDXLAN Fall 2021!

PDXLAN is excited to announce that XPG will be joining PDXLAN as a GOLD sponsor, with over $4,000 in prizes! XPG is ADATA's gaming division and over the past few years they have come out with a number of awesome products besides SSD and DDR4. New items include AIO...

Viper Gaming to sponsor PDXLAN Fall 2021!

PDXLAN is proud to announce that Viper Gaming will be sponsoring PDXLAN's 1,000 person LAN Party this fall. Viper Gaming is supporting PDXLAN with over $2,000 in prizes, including Keyboards, mice, and gaming headsets! Look for Viper Gaming prizes as part of our Fall...

In-Win to Sponsor PDXLAN Fall 2021!

PDXLAN would like to welcome In-Win as a PDXLAN sponsor for the Fall 2021 event!

It’s been two very long years since we have been able to have PDXLAN, that’s why we are super excited that In-Win will have a booth at PDXLAN Fall 2021 and be sponsoring some great prizes for PDXLAN attendees!  Join us this fall as we get back to fragging for fun and charity!

What does In-Win do? In-Win makes some of the best computer cases in the world. Our personal favorites are the In-Win A1 Prime, the In-Win 905,  and the In-Win 303. In-Win also makes high quality power supplies, cooling fans, and all in one water cooling units.

Stay tunned for even more sponsor announcements!

Spring 2022 – Ticket Purchase

Greetings Community –

The Spring 2022 PDXLAN event is scheduled for March 24th-27th 2022. Ticket purchases for PDXLAN Spring 2022 will be the weekend of PDXLAN Fall 2021. If you are part of a group, your group leader will need to let Vector know that your group wants tickets via email by November 1st. (We don’t need to know how many are in the group, it just has to be 12 or more.)

Ticket prices will be changing slightly. Tickets will be $140.00 for those who pay during the PDXLAN Fall event or $150.00 if paying online.  Additionally, before purchasing your ticket we want you to know that we are 99% certain this will be a vaccinated event only.  

Thank you,

– Matt / Vector




Nitro boost PDXLAN Discord, win prizes!

Are you a Discord Nitro subscriber? Want a chance to win prizes? Add a server boost to the PDXLAN Discord server!

Starting in September, PDXLAN will be hosting a Discord Nitro booster contest. Each month a random member of the PDXLAN Discord server, who is boosting the server with Nitro, will be picked to win a prize. You don’t even need to be online to win – But all prizes must be claimed within 30-days.

 Not yet a Discord Nitro subscriber? Sign-up, and boost the server to enter! https://discord.com/nitro

PDXLAN Fall 21′ COVID Policy

Greetings Community –

COVID-19 changed a lot of lives this past 18 months. Lost jobs, changes to our daily routines, changes to our families lives, changes to who we hang out with, and most tragically, a massive loss of life in the United States of over 650,000 people. It hasn’t been a great 18 months for a lot of us but I believe it will get better – the “when” is what remains to be defined by all of us.

Over the past 20 years planning PDXLAN, I never thought to include a pandemic in my contingency planning for PDXLAN. I never calculated what would happen should the event *not* be able to happen. For me it’s always been ‘ride or die’ in terms of getting an event produced. I never thought the government could literally ban all large events, before 2020 that was unheard of. I’d like to thank everyone who stuck with us this past two years and those who understood the difficult decisions that had to be made with regards to the event.

Being that COVID 19 is now part of our lives for the foreseeable future, we need to acknowledge that it is going to change the way things are done in our daily lives, including the events we attend. PDXLAN is no different – we need to make changes to try and keep attendees as safe as we can. Ultimately, we are responsible to follow county, state, and federal guidelines at our events. It is for those reasons we must enact a COVID 19 policy at PDXLAN.

Today we are announcing our COVID policy for the Fall 2021 event. We were waiting as long as we could so that we could make decisions with current data, yet we wanted to make a decision early enough to give attendees the 2.5 months to sell their tickets should they not want to come or not agree with the policies set.

Policy Announcement:

Starting with PDXLAN Fall 2021, PDLXAN will now always require masks. This isn’t just our decision; it is the current law we need to follow in order to have the event. We must follow this guidance and always require masks, even while at your seat gaming. You may lift your mask temporarily enough to take a drink with a straw, but that’s it. An eating area will be set up where you may de-mask for meals and snacks. That will be the dedicated area to eat on premises.

Out of an abundance of caution we are also choosing to require vaccination of everyone at the event, or medical documented proof of recent negative test result. We’ve chosen to not fully require vaccination for all at this time, but we highly encourage you to do so considering one vaccine has passed all safety testing at the FDA and has now been fully authorized. Please note that the vaccine requirements could still change before the event, a decision that will be based on local trends and guidance.

As for what documentation you will need to attend, our COVID-19 policy page is the place to check for that. Please understand that there will be ZERO exceptions for all staff, attendees, sponsors, and event center employees. Anyone caught not following the rules will get just one warning before being removed from the event.

We understand that there may be a loud minority that is very vocal about this policy. While we respect their ability to have an opinion – our decision has been made to the best of our ability and will not change based on negative feedback / responses on social media / Discord.

We hope that all of you will recognize the need for this policy and go along with it. Ultimately, we are doing what we feel best to protect everyone at the event and pass certain health and safety guidelines set by the government.

More on our Covid-19 policy can be found here.

Thanks for your time,

Matt Conwell | Event Owner



Splitgate: If Halo and Portal had a baby. And it’s free.

Yesterday the PDXLAN Staff learned about Splitgate – a FREE game on Steam that is a fast paced shooter with portals. Snipe friends through portals, surprise people from above, below, or sideways – this game is a ton of fun.

New PDXLAN Staff member ACOD wasted no time in telling the PDXLAN Staff about this game, and in just 8 hours had many of us in a server killing foes for hours.

A ton of great modes come with Splitgate, Team Death Match, Gun Game, VIP, Instagib, Team snipers, and more. The game also allows for custom matches with friends in a ranked or unranked fashion.

With PDXLAN Fall 2021 coming up, you can be SURE this game is going to be played at PDXLAN, possibly even as a tournament or contest! Give it a download and try it out.

The game uses cosmetics to fund itself, and offers no pay to win mechanics. You can download Splitgate for FREE on Steam here, and if you want to give ACOD some free coin for telling us about the game by using her referral code, BZFJMP


Looking for Staff

Ever wanted to be Staff at PDXLAN? Now is your chance!

PDXLAN is looking for 2 more volunteer staff for PDXLAN this fall. Technical experience not required, just a willingness to listen and learn from others. If you are interested please email Vector at mconwell@pdxlan.com

The ideal candidate is well known by the staff as a trustworthy, calm and collected individual with little drama. Let us know ASAP if interested.

What’s required?

  • Be willing to work four six hour shifts
  • Be willing to help setup on Thursday before the LAN
  • Be willing to be part of a team and not a lone ranger. This includes helping out as needed and communicating with others
  • Be willing to make up to 2 staff meetings prior to the LAN
  • Be willing to help out at times in between shifts as needed
  • Be willing to be one of the last people out of the room after tear down; this includes helping with end of event activities including preparing for the raffle, the raffle and tear down
  • Be on time and not gaming during your scheduled shifts

What are the perks?

  • Ticket to PDXLAN at no charge
  • Leet seat in the staff area
  • Free Parking
  • Hotel room for you and other staff
  • Special Shirts
  • Special Staff-only raffle
  • Money for food provided at event
  • Help run the biggest LAN Party on the West Coast
  • Gain technical skills (Pending role)
  • Gain a reference / and real-world experience

PDXLAN Buying Guide now LIVE!

PDXLAN is happy to announce that it’s PC-Parts Buying Guide is now active on our new website!

Using the PDXLAN Buying Guide attendees and fans of PDXLAN can check the buying guide when looking for new items to buy for their computer. Looking for a new headset? The buying guide will tell you which of PDXLAN sponsors makes headsets. Want to buy a new computer case? The buying guide will tell you which of PDXLAN sponsors makes cases.

We’ve built in a shortcut “pdxlan.net/guide” so you can check it easily using your mobile device on the go.

So go ahead, let’s show PDXLAN sponsors that we appreciate their sponsorship. It’s never been so easy!

PDXLAN’s new website is live!

Hello and welcome to our new website. We’ve completed the bulk of the work, so it has gone live a little early. Currently posts are auto-posting to Twitter and the Facebook Page. Discord coming soon™.

To help you get aquainted with our new look we wanted to take a moments and share some highlights.

If you are a longtime attendee and know what PDXLAN is, set your bookmark to the News Page as that’s likely a reason you visit.

Next we’d like to highlight our information section. This is where you will find the bulk of the information you need as an attendee. 99% of this information does not change from event to event. Additionally we’ve taken our most common questions and added them to the FAQ which is also in the information section.

Lastly, you’ll see a menu link that says “Next Event” at the bottom of the information section.  This is where we will post information about the next event such as tournaments, contests, concessions hours, and other specific event related information.

We hope you enjoy our new site look!

Thanks for visiting!

Comcast to Sponsor PDXLAN Internet

PDXLAN would like to welcome Comcast as the official sponsor of the PDXAN Internet connection. Comcast will be providing PDXLAN with a 10gb dedicated business fiber line for the event.

Thank you to Comcast for this amazing Sponsorship. In a day were almost everything is online, it’s great to have such reliable Internet Service.

Did you know?

All of PDXLAN News posts are automatically posted to Twitter, Facebook, Discord, and Reddit. Follow whichever is convenient for you.