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PDXLAN is excited to announce that Element TD2 will be sponsoring 100 Steam codes to Element TD2! Element TD2 is a Tower Defense game that can be cooperatively played, or played against others. Your towers are element infused so you can decide how you want to play....

Seasonic to sponsor PDXLAN Fall 2021!

PDXLAN would like to welcome Seasonic as a sponsor of PDXLAN's Fall 2021 event!  Seasonic is sponsoring 10x of the brand new Seasonic Syncro 704 Case + PSU. If you haven't seen this case before, check it out - it is a unique way to power up a computer with very...

PDXLAN Halo 3 Tournament: Powered by AMD and Microsoft!!

PDXLAN is excited to announce that we will be adding one more tournament by request: Halo 3 free for all tournament!  On Friday Novmber 12th PDXLAN players will have a chance to play for an AMD Radeon 6900XT!!  Don't have Halo 3? No problem! Halo is part of the Master...

EK to sponsor PDXLAN Fall 21′!

We are less than ONE WEEK from PDXLAN's first event in over two years! We're excited to be sharing that with EK! If you don't know, EK makes PC Cooling the coolest ever with waterblock solutions for all the greatest GPU's and CPU's. EK is used by a ton of professional...

New local business sponsorship: CBF ERGO!

PDXLAN is excited to announce a special guest-booth at the Fall 2021 event... Commercial Business Furniture, has been serving Oregon’s Seating, Desking and Ergonomic needs for 152 years and is the Capitols longest continuously operating business. CBF will be bringing...

Monster Energy to Sponsor PDXLAN!

PDXLAN is excited to announce that Monster Energy will be dropping off 2-3 pallets of FREE Monster to help attendees power through the weekend.  Due to COVID-19, distribution will be a little different this year, and at times Monster will be giving out drinks at their...

EVGA to sponsor and present at PDXLAN Fall 2021!

PDXLAN would like to welcome EVGA as a sponsor for the Fall 2021 event next week! Evga will be sponsoring a Battlefield 4 contest, and hosting a Battlefield 4 server for PDXLAN all weekend.  In addition, EVGA will be presenting virtually from sunny California on...

Reminder: You can bring your own chair!

Just a short reminder that you can bring your own chairs to PDXLAN. We have metal folding chairs, but if you are here for four days, doesn't your own chair sound better?

PDXLAN is proud to announce that NVIDIA will be sponsoring PDXLAN's fall 2021 event. Despite graphics cards being very hard to purchase online, NVIDIA has still sent us nine GPU's to be used in various ways at the event. First, two GPU's (GeForce RTX 3080 / GeForce...

Gamdias to sponsor PDXLAN

PDXLAN would like to welcome Gamdias as a sponsor for the Fall 2021 event! Gamdias will be sponsoring the Quiz Show contest during the opening ceremony starting at 9:00 PM Thursday. You'll be able to win a number of prizes from Gamdias at this time, as well as in the...

Ticket Transfers / Remote Attendee Deadline

PDXLAN is just 10 days away! We are looking forward to seeing everyone coming.

For those that are doing ticket transfers, please remember that all transfers are due online by Thursday November 4th, 11:59PM. After this all transfers must be in person at the event and will cost $25.00

If you are utilizing the digital PDXLAN option (Participating in contests and tournaments online and not at the physical location) and would like to register for the remote digital option, please add a “R_” to the front of your handle on the LanReg event page by the transfer deadline. This must be done in order to participate remotely. 

For those participating remotely, you’ll be emailed and issued a random challenge code on Monday November 8th that you’ll use to verify your identity to a contest or tournament admin.

If you have any questions, please reach out via our Discord server in the event-questions channel. 

PDXLAN Welcomes Mushkin as a sponsor of Fall 2021 Event

PDXLAN would like to extend a warm welcome to Mushkin as a Platinum sponsor with over $8,000 in giveaways!

Mushkin will be giving each attende an awesome  lanyard upon arrival! In addition Mushkin will be sponsoring two PDXLAN Fall 2021 contests: the LEGO challenge, and the Factorio Staff Challenge!

Lastly look for awesome Mushkin swag prizing, SSD’s and flash memory!

Huge thanks to Mushkin for once again sponsoring PDXLAN! 

AMD to provide Halo Infinite Radeon RX 6900 XT’s to PDXLAN for charity drive!

PDXLAN is laser focused on helping charity this year and AMD wanted to help PDXLAN’s efforts by providing THREE Halo Infinite AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT GPUs!

PDXLAN charity donors will have the chance to enter for one of THREE of these insanely rare GPU’s. Not coming to PDXLAN? No problem! PDXLAN is working on a system to make sure you can be involved too! Stay tuned for more info!

Massive thanks goes to AMD for helping with PDXLAN’s charity raising efforts!

Fall 2021 Information

Greetings Community – A few notes of importance:

– If you have a Fall 2021 ticket, please make sure your information is correct on your ticket. Here is how to do that. For this event only, please edit your email address to be your Newegg email address if you have one. More on that at the event. If you would like to transfer your ticket – you have until Thursday November 4th to do that. Remember, transfers at the door are $25.00

– All tournaments and contests have been announced at this time here
– Charity information here
– Important event reminders here





Charity Drive at PDXLAN

Greetings community!

I wanted to take a moment and announce the details about the charity drive that will be taking place at PDXLAN Fall 2021.

Making effective change in the world is something I feel “called to”. So much so that it has influenced the direction of PDXLAN in terms of it’s core values: Community, Inclusivity, Respect, and Giving.

At PDXLAN Fall 2021 we will have the chance to focus on giving by donating to a charity that shares our values of community, inclusivity, and respect. Our chosen charity is “Because People Matter” – based right here in Portland, OR.

For the first time in two years PDXLAN and some of its sponsors will join forces to do some good in the world by giving. Attendees will recieve one charity raffle ticket for every $10 they give. Attendees are encouraged to get friends and family, neighbors, and co-workers to also give, and by doing so earn even more charity raffle tickets.

At the event there will be up to 10 boxes for attendees to put their raffle tickets in. Want to win a AMD Radeon 6900XT? How about a full system? What about a NVIDIA GeForce 3080? Astro Gaming A50 headset? Just place your tickets in the box of the item(s) you want a chance at winning. 

Our goal is $30,000 – and I believe that we can make it happen! Our chairity page is now live here.

Thank you all for your time, I look forward to changing the world with you! If you’ve got questions, hit us up on Discord or Facebook.

Matt “Vector” Conwell

PDXLAN Fall 2021 – A digital option.

Greetings everyone!

I wanted to take a moment and let you know about something going on behind the scenes. We’ve been attempting to figure out a way for attendees to digitally participate in PDXLAN Fall 2021 (as a last resort / medical exemptions) for a few weeks now. We still have some “process” things to iron out but wanted to let you know about what we are trying to do. We recognize that some of you may want to participate, but don’t want to be masked the entire time. We recognize that some of you may have anxiety about that many people in a room and we want to try our best to accommodate you as best we can.

First and foremost, if you were planning to come to PDXLAN in November, please don’t let this change your mind. A lot of what makes PDXLAN unique & fun is the live aspect of seeing fellow community members. After two years of not having a PDXLAN, we fully expect people to be super excited about seeing one another, and we’d miss seeing you.

Contests and Tournaments will soon be highlighted on the event page with their ability to be played via remote or not. We are not designing PDXLAN to be remote but instead planning activities on site and then opening those that can be played remote, to remote attendees. Prize winnings from contests and tournaments will be able to be picked up just before the PDXLAN raffle on Sunday from 12pm-2pm, even via a proxy attendee. How to register for the event remotely will be covered later as we iron out the process. Part of that process will be adding “R_” to the Front of your handle in LanReg and making sure your email address is correct on your ticket. (Do that by Nov 5th)

The PDXLAN raffle will be an in-person thing still – and we plan to make it much faster like we did in Fall 2019 – by doing most of it through Discord on site. More details will emerge as we near the event. Those wanting to participate in the raffle will need to bring a computer that can be plugged into our network (not Wi-Fi) and register for the raffle by 2pm Sunday. The process for participating in the Charity Raffle will be possible with a physical proxy at the event as per normal. We’re keeping the main raffle in-person only for those that have made the trek to be with us that weekend. Note: If you are coming for the LIVE in person raffle on Sunday, don’t expect to just get in, there may be a line of registrants and only one staff member to deal with this line. (Plan your time accordingly)

There is one thing, something special… we are attempting to do at the LAN… and remote people may miss out on that… just a fair warning. I’m working with the company involved trying to figure out a way to do it online. I can’t say more.

Generally, our style is to figure it all out before we announce a change, but with around 45 tickets for sale, we wanted people to know about this sooner rather than later in the case that it influenced decisions being made. Everyone’s seat is still being set up, powered, table rented, networked, etc. – so there is no cost  adjustment by attending remote, this is just an olive branch to try and help those with seats for sale.

The remote event options should be considered with the understanding some things will not be available to remote attendees.

As always, if you have questions, please hit the staff up in Discord in the “Event Questions” channel. We’ll be happy to try and help best we can. Please keep conversation to the “General Chat” channel.

Matt “Vector” Conwell
PDXLAN Event Organizer

PDXLAN Planning & Tickets for sell

Greetings all!

PDXLAN is on track to host one of it’s largest events ever in just over 1 month. We’ve got sponsors lined up, tournaments being announced, and we’re going to have more than 12 fun PDXLAN-style contests to participate in at the event. The prizes have started to be shipped, and over 40 gallons of hand sanitizer ordered. Special super-secret things from sponsors are being planned.


Because of the pandemic, there are more tickets available second hand if you or a friend is interested in coming. Currently about 40 tickets are for sale from people who can’t make it, perhaps don’t like the mask policy, or aren’t yet feeling like travel.


As a personal favor to me and your fellow attendees, please let your friends know that they can still come to PDXLAN. It’s been TWO YEARS since we’ve been able to LAN, it’s time to cut loose and see one another again! (safely of course!)

If you know someone looking for a ticket to PDXLAN, have them stop by either the PDXLAN Marketplace on Facebook or Discord. Often there are some individuals selling tickets for less than retail – let’s help them find a home for their ticket. We would really appreciate your efforts in helping us with this.

Thanks for your time,

– Matt / Vector




Setup Volunteers Needed!

Are you interested in helping set up PDXLAN Fall 2021? We will need about 10-12 people Wednesday November 10th from 10AM – 3pm to help lay network cables, post signs, and do general organizing. If you are interested, please sign up here.

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