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Get ready for Fall 2022!! (Changes and COVID 19 Policy)

Published under: Event News
Written on February 27, 2022


While we are not yet done with Spring 2022, we wanted to take a moment to let you know about some important changes coming to PDXLAN this fall.

1. Our COVID-19 policy for Fall 2022 is new, easier to read, and dynamic to what the world throws at us. We hope this makes it easier for people to know what to expect.

2. LAN seats purchased on the day registration goes live will get TWO raffle tickets. If a ticket is purchased after that first 24 hours, the attendee will receive one raffle ticket.

3. End seats are now “premium seats’. We know that these seats are coveted to show off your mods, and since there is a limited number of them, we have decided to make them slightly different in cost. The only difference in a Premium seat is that it is an end seat and that it comes with the event challenge coin. ($1M Coin for Fall 22)

4. The PDXLAN Swag Store will now be during registration! Attendees can purchase event coins, event mousemats, event T-shirts, Beanies, and hats. Groups: You will need to order your swag on your own, your group captain doesn’t want that responsibility. Just use your LanReg account, easy peezy.

As always, we are in Discord if you have questions! 

1. Dynamic COVID Policy for Fall 2022
2. Extra Raffle Tickets if you buy early
3. End seats are now called Premium seats
4. Swag can be bought at registration