COVID-19 Information / Policy

Last updated 2-27-2022

For the Fall 2022 COVID-19 Policy, see below.

For the Spring 2022 COVID Policy, see here.

Fall 2022 COVID-19 Policy 

(Note: Spring 2022 COVID-19 policy on a different page here)

Vaccine or negative test result requirements at PDXLAN Fall 2022

Policy 1:  A vaccine or negative test result will be required for entry to the Fall 2022 event

Policy 2:  If the entire State of Oregon and the entire State of Washington counties all show “LOW” here, Policy 1 is canceled. 

Masking Requirements at PDXLAN Fall 2022

Rule #1
Masks will only be required if mandated by Federal law, State law, County law, or by the Clark County Event Center.

Rule #2
If masks are not required by rule #1, attendees may decide for themselves on an individual basis if and when they want to wear a mask.

Mask Policy (Should it be required)

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