News from the staff that relates to preparedness for the event. Stay up to date with information about Tickets, Registration, Schedule updates, Concessions, and other Important Announcements.

V1 Tech is bringing a booth to PDXLAN!

V1 Tech will have a booth at PDXLAN that will be selling wall art! Check them out while at PDXLAN and elevate your gaming space at home! 





















Seasonic to sponsor PDXLAN!

PDXLAN is excited to announce that Seasonic is sponsoring PDXLAN. Seasonic will be sending 10x power supplies and 10x cases for the General Raffle! Thank you Seasonic! 






















New Sponsor Alert: Noctua!

Designed in Austria, Noctua’s premium cooling components are internationally renowned for their superb quietness, exceptional performance and thoroughgoing quality. Having received more than 6000 awards and recommendations from leading hardware websites and magazines, Noctua’s fans and heatsinks are serving hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers around the globe. We welcome them to the PDXLAN family of sponsors! 





















PNY to sponsor PDXLAN Fall 2023!

PDXLAN is excited to announce that XLR8 Gaming (PNY) is sponsoring PDXLAN this Fall. PNY has sent a 4TB NVME for the Shuffleboard contest, as well as a GeForce 4070 TI, RAM kits and more NVME’s! 

Huge thanks to PNY for this awesome sponsorship!  


















PDXLAN is very excited to announce that Viper Gaming (Patriot) will be sponsoring PDXLAN. Viper Gaming will be sponsoring 32GB of DDR5 to each of the FIVE charity builds, as well as sponsoring a 1TB NVME for each of the charity builds! In addition Viper Gaming has also included a 4TB NVME’s as part of their sponsorship! The prizes continue with more RAM, more NVME’s and Headsets for the Raffle!

Huge thanks to the Viper Gaming team for such an amazing sponsorship! 

















NVIDIA to sponsor PDXLAN with over $15,000 in prizes!

PDXLAN is proud to announce that NVIDIA will be sponsoring the Fall 2023 PDXLAN! NVIDIA doesn’t just sponsor any LAN Party, in fact PDXLAN is one of the only LAN Parties in North America that NVIDIA sponsors! We are very proud to say NVIDIA is also PDXLAN’s longest running sponsor, never missing an event for over 20 Years! 

NVIDIA also teams up with EKWB to provide case mod contest prizes that include a GeForce RTX 4090 and trip to NVIDIA headquarters for first place,  and a GeForce RTX 4080 for second place! 

Look for NVIDIA GPU’s in all FIVE of PDXLAN’s charity build systems at PDXLAN this fall! Thanks NVIDIA!  






















MUSHKIN to sponsor PDXLAN!

PDXLAN is happy to announce the Mushkin will be sponsoring our LAN Party! Look for exciting Mushkin prizes in the general raffle and in contests at the LAN! Huge thanks to Mushkin! 
















MSI to sponsor PDXLAN!

PDXLAN is excited to announce that MSI will be sponsoring PDXLAN. Part of MSI’s sponsorship is a booth at the event, prizes for the raffle, and motherboards for the 5 gaming systems we are building for the charity raffle! Thanks MSI! 
















MONSTER to POWER PDXLAN Gamers all weekend!!

PDXLAN is excited to announce that Monster Energy will be attending PDXLAN with a booth! At the Monster Energy booth you can pick up an ice cold can of Monster to help you through the gaming! These drinks are FREE! Thanks Monster for being an awesome sponsor! 














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