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Check out INTEL’s prizes at PDXLAN!! ZOMG.

This kind of sponsorship deserves a special post!

Intel will be providing 10x Intel® Core™ i9-14900K processors to PDXLAN! These processors are amazingly built for EXTREME gaming on your PC. We’ll be giving away 5x in the charity raffle, 1x at the Intel Presentation on Friday, and up to four of them in the PDXLAN main raffle! 

… But wait, there’s more! 

Intel has teamed up with Lenovo to donate a Legion Pro 7i – a gaming laptop that is the most powerful gaming laptop we have ever given away at a PDXLAN. It has a Core i9-14900HX (24 cores!), NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070, 32GB DDR5, and a 1TB PCIe 4.0 NVMe drive.  This laptop looks amazing in all white! This laptop will be a grand prize in the charity raffle! (I know where Vector is putting his tickets!)

Make sure you stop by Intel’s presentation, Friday at 5PM at the LAN. Be sure to thank the Intel employees that are there for these amazing sponsorships! 

Have fun. Frag hard. Give back!















































































INWIN to sponsor PDXLAN Spring 2024!

Great news! INWIN will be sponsoring PDXLAN again! 

Woot Woot! Thanks INWIN! 































































NEW SPONSOR ALERT!! ASUSTOR to sponsor PDXLAN Spring 2024!!

 PDXLAN is excited to announce ASUSTOR as our newest sponsor. ASUSTOR and ASUSTOR products support gamers, live streamers, and content creators.

“ASUSTOR is proud to support gamers and participants of PDXLAN. Never compromise on storage. Use an ASUSTOR NAS to break free from your computer’s storage limits to help manage your game library.”

Thank you ASUSTOR! 




































































G.Skill to sponsor PDXLAN Spring 2024!

PDXLAN is excited to welcome back GSKILL as a sponsor of the Spring 2024 event! 

G.Skill will be providing a number of DDR5 kits in the raffle! Woot Woot! 

Thank you G.Skill! 






























































Antlion Audio to sponsor PDXLAN Spring 2024!

PDXLAN is excited to welcome back Antlion Audio! 

Antlion Audio will be sponsoring 10x Kimura Solo in-ear headsets for prizes at the LAN! 

Huge thanks to Antlion Audio for their support of PDXLAN! <3



































































Gamdias to sponsor PDXLAN with over $4,000 in prizes!

Woot Woot! Gamdias is back as a PDXLAN Sponsor! 

Gamdias will be sponsoring a TON of prizes at the upcoming Spring event, over $4,000 worth! 

Huge thanks to Gamdias! 






























































Ticket Transfers and Ticket Edits due by 3/22 8AM

If you have multiple tickets to PDXLAN, please make sure the name on the ticket is the name of the person who will be sitting in the seat. Failure to do so could mean a $25 transfer at the door.

This usually happens when one person buys tickets for more than themselves. You can check if your ticket is correct by going to Information> Ticket Information> Ticket Verification on the PDXLAN website. 

The deadline for this is March 22nd, 8AM. 

If you have questions about this, please ask in the #Event-Questions discord channel ASAP. 










































































ZOTAC to sponsor PDXLAN with over $12,000 in prizes!

PDXLAN is excited to announce this MASSIVE sponsorship by ZOTAC! 

ZOTAC will be providing SIX complete PC’s! HOLY SMOKES!

Each system comes with an AMD 5950 processor, ZOTAC 3080, 32GB RAM, and 2TB of storage. The systems have liquid cooling on the CPU and look amazing! 

Get ready to donate to charity, because 5 of these systems are available in the charity raffle!

Thank you ZOTAC!

































































AXON TD to sponsor PDXLAN with 100 free codes!

 PDXLAN is excited to welcome AXON TD as a sponsor of Spring 2024. AXON TD is the newest game made by the developers of Element TD2! AXON TD has a new mode to the tower defense genre, a rogue-like TD mode! 

This PDXLAN, the first 100 people to come to the Help Desk showing a Steam receipt for a purchase of AXON TD will get a free copy for a friend. We’re giving out codes in this way to help support the sponsor, so take advantage of the “buy one, get one” deal! Purchases must be made while at the LAN in order to qualify.

Thank you to AXON TD! 

































































Easter Egg. Because why not.