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Ascent: Rivals | Playtest and pre-alpha unofficial Tournament

PDXLAN is excited to announce that a Seattle based indie dev is hosting a playtest and unofficial tournament for their upcoming game, Ascent: Rivals at PDXLAN.

Ascent: Rivals is a twin-stick, dual engine multiplayer death-racer inspired by classics like Podracer and Wipeout.

Meet at the front stage on Saturday at 7:00pm where the developer will be granting pre-alpha access and running an unofficial tournament with merch prizes!

Join their discord for more information on the tournament and lobby codes:












































































Onslaught Playtest at PDXLAN!

PDXLAN is excited to announce that a local game dev is hosting a playtest for his upcoming game, Onslaught, this Spring 2024! Onslaught is a side scroller hack and slash with both single player and shared-screen co-op and PvP!

Meet at the stage front on Friday at 2:30pm where the dev will be handing out 100 playtest Steam keys for you to try out the game and send him feedback.

Thanks Onslaught!



































































XLR8 (PNY) to sponsor PDXLAN!

PDXLAN is excited to announce that PNY will be sending prizes for our upcoming event. PNY’s gaming line (XLR8 Gaming) makes DDR5, NVMe’s, and GPU’s that are built for gaming enthusiasts. 

Huge thanks to PNY for this sponsorship! 

































































Western Digital to send prizes for PDXLAN Spring 2024!

PDXLAN is excited to welcome back Western Digital as a sponsor of PDXLAN Spring 2024! 

WD is sending a number of Gaming NVMe’s and portable SSD gaming drives!  Look for prizes in contests and raffle!

 Huge thanks to WD for once again supporting our event! 
































































Viper Gaming to sponsor PDXLAN!!

PDXLAN is excited to welcome back Viper Gaming (Patriot) as an event sponsor!

Viper Gaming has sent us some NVMe’s (4tb!!) and DDR5 kits! 

Look for Viper Gaming prizes in Contests, PDXLAN Raffle, and Charity Raffle!

Thanks Viper Gaming!  
































































PDXLAN is excited to welcome back PINBALL FX as a sponsor of the Spring 2024 event.

PINBALL FX will be hosting a contest at the Spring 2024 event, be sure to check it out for some free codes and a prize for the winner!

Thanks Pinball FX!



































































PDXLAN is excited to announce that NVIDIA will be sponsoring the Spring 2024 event!

NVIDIA is not only sending prizes for our charity raffle and main raffle, but they are also sponsoring the Case Mod contest at PDXLAN with a truly amazing first place prize: Not only will the first place winner receive a GeForce RTX 4080 Super, but they will also win a trip to NVIDIA headquarters to be featured on GeForce Garage! PDXLAN’s case mod contest continues to be one of the best case mod contests in the world! 

Check out NVIDIA’s booth at PDXLAN and their presentation that will be on Saturday of the event! 

Huge thanks to NVIDIA for being PDXLAN’s longest running sponsor, over 21 years! 







































































Seasonic to sponsor PDXLAN!

PDXLAN is excited to welcome back Seasonic as a sponsor of our next event. 

Seasonic makes a pretty cool case and PSU you should check out, called the SYNCRO – Check it our and see how easy it makes cable management!

Thanks Seasonic! 































































Kingston to sponsor PDXLAN Spring 2024!


Kingston will be sending a sampling of their products for our raffle! 

Thanks Kingston! 































































Easter Egg. Because why not.