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Element TD2, an awesome tower defense game!

One of PDXLAN staff’s favorite genres of games are Tower Defense type games, and Element TD2 is a game you need to check out. Playing Element TD2 can be played in a campaign mode, or in a number of multiplayer modes including co-op and versus. Element TD2 has been a blast to play with friends, and also as a solo player progressing through the campaign.

With 6 elements that combine to create 59 unique towers, players will need to anticipate incoming waves, their elements, and tailor their approach to maximize their defense. Each element has its own strengths and weaknesses, so choosing the right upgrade paths is crucial to winning. 

Where the game really shines is in the very fun combination of elements to create  unique blends of elemental towers to defeat enemies.

 PDXLAN is excited to announce that Element TD2 has sponsored the Fall 2022 event with 100 copies of Element TD2, a $1,500 sponsorship! Huge thanks to the creators of Element TD2 – for a truly awesome game. 

You can check the game out on Steam here, or watch the trailer in the below news article.



Monster, PDXLAN’s go-go juice!

PDXLAN is excited to welcome back Monster Energy drink to the growing list of PDXLAN Fall 2022 sponsors. Monster Energy has been providing literal tons of Monster Energy drinks since 2010 at PDXLAN, and for Fall 2022 Monster will be providing nearly unlimited drinks to Fall 2022 attendees. 

Monster will also be sponsoring “Monster for a year” to someone local – meaning you’ll get 12 or more cases of Monster throughout the year to help you with your daily energy needs.

Thank you Monster for being such a long-term and awesome sponsor! Monster’s sponsorship is valued at over $10,000 per event!! 





Be safe now, have a safe event later.

With PDXLAN coming up in under two months we’d like to remind you to be safe now so that we can have a safe event later. 

While masks and vaccines are not required by law at PDXLAN Fall 2022, we encourage both if possible. Be it a flu shot, COVID shot, or a alien virus shot, or a mask – if you can help us be more safe at the event, please try do so.

If you are a person who gets vaccines, please make an appointment to get the latest COVID booster before the event. The latest booster that came out last week includes protections against the Omnicron variant. 

Masking will be up to each individual person – but we are asking that you mask whenever you can to help lessen the chances of spreading not only COVID, but colds, and the flu as well. Even before COVID was a thing colds and flu’s spread pretty commonly at all types of events. Wearing a mask may not be comfortable, but if it helps my fellow attendee in any way, I am for it.

Thanks for your attention in this matter.

-Matt “Vector” Conwell

Fall 2022 Charity Drive! It’s personal.

For the Fall 2022 PDXLAN, we will be supporting the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation. (TNBC Foundation)

In June 2022 we found out that Jessica (Demented) has breast cancer. On July 4th we found out that the type of breast cancer is stage 2 triple negative breast cancer.  Until then we didn’t know there were different types of breast cancer, let alone different survivability numbers for them. 

Most breast cancers found are hormone-receptive. Triple Negative is negative for all three hormones, which makes it a tougher cancer to treat. Those with hormone receptive cancers found at stage 1 have a 91% 5Y survivability, and those with stage 2 hormone-receptive have a 86% 5Y survivability rate. TNBC’s 5Y survivability rate for stage 1 is 81% and for stage 2 is 60%. In the simplest terms, Stage 2 TNBC patients have a 40% chance of death in the next 5 years.

TNBC is hell. Most don’t find it until stage 2 or 3, or even worse, stage 4. On top of those survivability numbers, the chance of recurrence is much higher with TNBC. This means those that go through chemo, and surgery still have a much higher chance of it coming back, nearly 40% chance of it coming back.

I personally have seen at least 50 families impacted by this since July. Kids losing their mom’s. Husbands losing their wives. If the personal loss and pain wasn’t enough, the monetary costs of treating TNBC is near one million dollars per person. Even with insurance, the costs are debilitating. 

The TNBC foundation helps TNBC patients and their families navigate the journey that they will encounter for the next 14 months of treatment. They offer patient groups, counseling, financial aid, and help with research for a cure for TNBC.

This November we are asking the PDXLAN community to come together and support the TNBC Foundation because they are supporting thousands of families each year – and they need help to do it. This November we are asking that you dig deep and give with your heart, for Demented (Jessica).



Fall 2022 COVID Policy

PDXLAN has edited the COVID-19 Policy page to reflect current status. No major changes have been made from what was announced when tickets went on sale in March 2022.

TLDR – Attendees are still required to show proof of vaccination or have a negative test result. The State of Washington has lifted their mask requirement, and as such masks are not required at PDXLAN for the November 2022 event.  

While masks are not required, it is considered considerate to wear a mask for those that may be immunocompromised or have members at home that are immunocompromised.

Please let us know in Discord if you have questions.

Thank you,


PDXLAN Fall Planning Underway!

In just four months, PDXLAN will be back with its Fall 2022 event! We are starting the preparation process which includes reaching out to sponsors, thinking of contests, thinking of tournaments, and picking a charity to support. 

PDXLAN Fall 2022 can grow larger in size, roughly 40 tickets more. If you know someone who would like to come, please let them know it isn’t too late, Table “P” is built for those seats. 

This event we will be supporting “TNBC” (Triple Negative Breast Cancer) – Helping to raise money for cure, treatments, and services that they offer.  Since Demented was diagnosed with this about a month ago, we’ve realized just how much help and support is needed for this sub-segment of the breast cancer world. 

 Looking forward to seeing everyone,

– Matt (Vector)









PDXLAN’s Fall 2022 event has a Swag-Store…. but you have to order prior to the event. 

This event we are trying something new: we have put the Swag-Store on the bottom LanReg tickets page where you buy PDXLAN Fall 2022 tickets. We will only be making swag for those that pre-order it, so make sure you remember to order! 

Looking forward to a fun event!




Thank you for another great event!

I would like to thank everyone for another great event!

This event we talked about “The special sauce that is PDXLAN” and we identified that it is the community that makes PDXLAN what it is. It’s not the size of our event, it’s not eSports, it’s not that we are another LAN – it is that we are an inviting and friendly community. Community, Inclusivity, and respect are PDXLAN’s tenants – and it shows! 

Thank you to the attendees who choose to be part of our community. It is your excitement for the event that keeps me coming back to do it. It’s the giving you do for charity, it is the friendliness you show to one another and to our staff. Thank you to the 280 of you who donated to charity at this event! You raised over $44,000!!

Sponsors – thank you for believing in us and in our mission. Your prize contributions help make the event a success by driving attendance and charitable giving. Most, if not all of our sponsors believe that PDXLAN is a unique event filled with the best community of gamers they’ve ever seen. Of the sponsors that attend, most look forward to coming because of the community the attendees show them. 

I’d like to thank my staff at PDXLAN – who are 100% volunteers – for working so hard at this event. I plan my heart out for 4-5 months, and in that last week before and during the event – you work so hard to make it all happen. You take time away from your jobs, families, and hobbies to help make PDXLAN what it is. I also want to thank you for your donations – nearly 25% of the amount given to charity was from the PDXLAN staff!

Lastly I’d like to thank Jessica (Demented) for not only being staff, but for being such an influence to the “soul” of PDXLAN. Her heart and vision of how people should treat one another in the world helps guide me to making that a reality for PDXLAN’s community. 

The biggest compliment I am given after an event is how fast the next event sells tickets. To me that is happiness with the product I am selling – and WOW are you guys buying tickets for November fast! Thank you for your belief in PDXLAN and what it is doing. The Fall 2022 event is already at 82% capacity!

As always, please feel free to ask any event questions in the #event-questions channel of our Discord Server.

Thank you. Thank you all, 

Matt (Vector)
















Western Digital Sponsors PDXLAN Spring 2022!

PDXLAN is excited to announce that Western Digital is sponsoring PDXLAN this spring! Western Digital has sent PDXLAN attendees over $5,000 in prizes to be handed out in contests, raffles, and the charity raffle. 

Among the items sent are 10x 1TB SN750 NVMe’s, 4x D50 laptop docking stations (1x2TB and 3x1TB), and some 512GB P50 USB C SSD’s! 

Huge thanks to Western Digital for the sponsorship! 


Easter Egg. Because why not.