Event News

News from the staff that relates to preparedness for the event. Stay up to date with information about Tickets, Registration, Schedule updates, Concessions, and other Important Announcements.

PDXLAN is excited to announce that Element TD2 will be sponsoring 100 Steam codes to Element TD2!

Element TD2 is a Tower Defense game that can be cooperatively played, or played against others. Your towers are element infused so you can decide how you want to play. Like laser pew-pew towers? They got that. Like flame cannons? They have that too! 

The catch is that some towers do better against certain type of enemies. Fire towers tear up earthen enimes. Light towers do best against darkness enemies. Learn to build the towers you need based on the enemies spawning, and you’ll beat the waves. 

Achievements and leveling unlocks new skins for your avatar, and tower hats. 

PDXLAN will be giving a code away to co-op groups of 3 people, where at two people have purchased the game the week of the LAN. We’ll do this until we run out of codes. Find Vector for a code, have your email receipts with you. 

Huge thanks to Element TD2 for this sponsorship!! 

Seasonic to sponsor PDXLAN Fall 2021!

PDXLAN would like to welcome Seasonic as a sponsor of PDXLAN’s Fall 2021 event! 

Seasonic is sponsoring 10x of the brand new Seasonic Syncro 704 Case + PSU. If you haven’t seen this case before, check it out – it is a unique way to power up a computer with very minimal wire management. The case is an inverted motherboard and a lot of tooless options.

At a cost of over$300 for the case and PSU, these 10 cases make Seasonic’s sponsorship well over $3,000! 

Thank you Seasonic, and welcome to the PDXLAN Family! 

PDXLAN Halo 3 Tournament: Powered by AMD and Microsoft!!

PDXLAN is excited to announce that we will be adding one more tournament by request: Halo 3 free for all tournament! 

On Friday Novmber 12th PDXLAN players will have a chance to play for an AMD Radeon 6900XT!! 

Don’t have Halo 3? No problem! Halo is part of the Master Chief Collection on Microsoft’s XBOX Game pass subscription! You can even get the first month for just $1.00 here.

Each attendee, up to 150 attendees, will get a 1 month code for Microsoft’s XBOX Game Pass after participating in the tournament. 

Not only will the winner of the FFA tournament get an AMD Radeon 6900XT, but one random player who competes will also get an AMD Radeon 6900XT! 

Who’s ready!

EK to sponsor PDXLAN Fall 21′!

We are less than ONE WEEK from PDXLAN’s first event in over two years! We’re excited to be sharing that with EK!

If you don’t know, EK makes PC Cooling the coolest ever with waterblock solutions for all the greatest GPU’s and CPU’s. EK is used by a ton of professional modders, and more than likely you’ve see EK watercooling products if you have ever seen the mods at PDXLAN. (Be sure to visit this post on our website, awesome mod pics!)

This event EK will be sponsoring the Case Mod Contest along with NVIDIA, providing over 100 official PDXLAN Fall 21 shirts, and prizes for the raffle! Find “Kat” on the PDXLAN floor and thank her personally as she will be there in person!

Thanks for sponsoring EK! We love you!

New local business sponsorship: CBF ERGO!

PDXLAN is excited to announce a special guest-booth at the Fall 2021 event…

Commercial Business Furniture, has been serving Oregon’s Seating, Desking and Ergonomic needs for 152 years and is the Capitols longest continuously operating business. CBF will be bringing a variety of Home/Office Seating options to PDXLAN, along with Commercial Grade Electric Sit to Stand units, Monitor Arms to help tidy up your station and Keyboard Trays to fit your ergo needs.

Drop by between 9am and 5pm Friday and Saturday to talk to Sawyer or Katy about how better posture and desk accessories can keep you happier and healthier after that marathon game of Total War, hours of Zoom meetings or camping the PDXLAN website to secure next years ticket.

CBF will have chairs from X-Chair, Office Star, ErgoCentric, RFM and Element Ergo, along with Monitor Arm systems from Element and ZGO Technologies.

Holiday shopping for a special Nerd in your life? Special pricing is available for orders placed at the booth the weekend of LAN. Get fit for a Fully Ergonomic chair and they will honor the quoted price until the end of 2021!

Monster Energy to Sponsor PDXLAN!

PDXLAN is excited to announce that Monster Energy will be dropping off 2-3 pallets of FREE Monster to help attendees power through the weekend. 

Due to COVID-19, distribution will be a little different this year, and at times Monster will be giving out drinks at their booth. Remember that you can drink Monster in the event, and lift your mask for a drink, but then lower your mask again. 

Thanks to Monster, PDXLAN attendees will enjoy over 5,000 cans of Monster, all absolutely free! Monster is also giving us limitted edition backpacks that we will be using as prizes in various places.

Thanks for the support Monster! 

EVGA to sponsor and present at PDXLAN Fall 2021!

PDXLAN would like to welcome EVGA as a sponsor for the Fall 2021 event next week!

Evga will be sponsoring a Battlefield 4 contest, and hosting a Battlefield 4 server for PDXLAN all weekend. 

In addition, EVGA will be presenting virtually from sunny California on Friday at 3pm of the LAN. Attendees are in for a large surprise and announcement at the end of the presentation. 

EVGA sent Mice, Keyboards, and streaming hardware as part of the sponsorship!

Thanks EVGA! 

PDXLAN is proud to announce that NVIDIA will be sponsoring PDXLAN’s fall 2021 event. Despite graphics cards being very hard to purchase online, NVIDIA has still sent us nine GPU’s to be used in various ways at the event.

First, two GPU’s (GeForce RTX 3080 / GeForce RTX 2080Ti) will be used in the GeForce Garage and EK sponsored Mod Contest happening Saturday November 13th.

Second, NVIDIA is sponsoring three GPU’s (RTX 3080’s) to be used in charity raffle system builds. The last of the cards are split between charity raffle and general raffle for attendees.

A final special announcement will be made at the LAN on Friday, November 12th for attendees at PDXLAN only.

A massive thanks to NVIDIA for the support of our event and charity efforts! 

Easter Egg. Because why not.