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PNY to sponsor PDXLAN!

PDXLAN would like to welcome back PNY as a sponsor of PDXLAN at the Spring 2023 event! PNY is sending the following prizes!

  • 1x : XLR8 Gaming NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Ti
  • 2x : XLR8 Gaming  Memory kits  
  • 1x : XLR8 Gaming 1TB SSD

Thanks for the sponsorship PNY!




EK to sponsor PDXLAN!

EK will be back at PDXLAN this Fall sponsoring TONS of amazing water-cooling products for the raffle and Case Mod Contest. EK Kat will be joining us for the event – make sure to find her and say Thank you!






NOVEL Keys to Sponsor PDXLAN!

NovelKeys makes amazing mechanical keyboards, keycaps, deskpads, and switches.  If you’re looking for a custom mechanical keyboard or need supplies or parts to update your board, head to and check it out! 

Novel Keys is sponsoring PDXLAN with tons of Star Wars Droid sets, droid desk mats and more! Be sure to check out some of their stuff at the keyboard meetup on Friday at 3PM!

Huge thank you to Novel Keys! 








SCHIIT Audio to sponsor PDXLAN

PDXLAN would like to welcome a NEW sponsor for PDXLAN events, SCHIIT Audio!

SCHIIT makes high quality audio equipment for a range of uses, including gaming! SCHIIT makes a DAC / AMP for gaming named the HEL, and you’ll have a chance at winning one at the PDXLAN Raffle! 

Audiophiles rejoice! SCHIIT is here!  



















World of Warcraft Meetup! Cross-faction PDXLAN guild?!

PDXLAN will be hosting a meetup for anyone currently playing WoW or those that are thinking about jumping back in, but don’t know where to go for a guild. PDXLAN is fully embracing Cross-Faction guilds (Coming soon in 10.1) and this is the meeting to prepare for it. 

Come learn what people are doing in Dragonflight, or when they meet to run Mythic+ from 1-20’s, or when we raid as a community! It’s all here. Be at this meeting if you play WoW and be part of the Wow-Community just like the PDXLAN one… Welcoming. 









MK to sponsor PDXLAN!

PDXLAN is excited to announce a NEW sponsor!! If you love everything about mechanical keyboards, think of this website like the Disneyland for all  Mechanical Keyboard needs! 

Thanks MK!  Prizes to be in the raffle and at the keyboard meetup! 







MUSHKIN to sponsor PDXLAN!

Please join me in welcoming MUSHKIN as a sponsor of the spring 2023 event! MUSHKIN makes Solid State Drives, Memory, Flash Memory, and NVME drives. Look for MUSHKIN swag and prizes in contests and raffles!

Thank you MUSHKIN!




ZOTAC Supply drop inbound! ZOTAC sponsors PDXLAN!

It’s with great pleasure PDXLAN announces ZOTAC will be sponsoring PDXLAN Spring 2023! 

ZOTAC, a long-time PDXLAN sponsor, has been sponsoring PDXLAN for nearly 15  years! This event ZOTAC has a few surprises for attendees… including a ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 4090 AMP Extreme AIRO! ZOTAX is also sending 10 other GPU’s too! 

Look for ZOTAC prizes in the charity raffle, the Element TD2 tournament, and general raffle!

Thank you for sponsoring ZOTAC!

New Sponsor! Antlion Audio!

PDXLAN is excited to announce that Antlion Audio will be at PDXLAN this Spring 2023! 

Antlion Audio is a company that specializes in creating high-quality audio recording and communication equipment for gamers and content creators. Their most well-known product is the ModMic, a detachable boom microphone that can be attached to any pair of headphones. Antlion Audio is known for their commitment to providing excellent customer service and support.

This Spring Antlion will be on site providing the “Audio Help Desk” – a place where you can get help tuning your mic (Not just theirs!), ways to filter out background noise, or other audio questions. They’ll also be reachable during the event via Discord in the Audio HelpDesk channel. 

Antlion is giving away over 20 items in the raffle and charity raffle! 

Thanks for sponsoring Antlion!! 








Easter Egg. Because why not.